The Incredible Raid Of Mason’s Cliff Hanging Nymphs Of Ploesti

Man's Book January 1964

Also featuring The Fantastic Escape Of The Fraulein-Loving Fly Boy, and Beware The Sex Lures Of Alimony Hunting Harlots


The Lust Plot Of The Air Borne Harlots Of Naples

Man's Book May 1964

Also featuring The Shocking Report On The Homosexual’s New World Capital, Shackled Nudes For The Emperor’s Fire Monster, The Sex Operation That All Men Fear, and I Belong To A Suburban Sin Club


My Wild Escape From Hitler’s Twin Nymphs of Torture

Man's Book March 1964

Also featuring I Led Manila’s Fantastic Harlot Espionage Army, The Branded Nudes And The Kiss Of The Lash, Your Sex Habits Can Lead To Sterility, and I Teach Sin To Millionaire’s Sons


The Crypt Of Agony For The Screaming Nudes

Man's Book October 1965

Also featuring The Golden Madam Who Made Torture BIG Business


The Italian Nymphs Who Blasted The Nazis

Man's Book February 1969

Also, The Passion Needs Of Love-Starved Women, A Monster’s Blade For The Tormented Nudes, Brides Of Violence — 1969’s Sex Explosion, and 10 Sex Traits That Can Make Or Break Your Love Life


The Soft One’s Shrieks Will Trap You, Amerikaner Swine!


Also featuring Easy Sex: The Scourge Of The 60’s and Helpless Nudes In The Madman’s Pit Of Horrors


The Death Ballet Of The Nazi’s Tortured Virgins

Man's Book July 1964


Beauties For The Nazi Artist Of Agony

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Man's Book April 1967

Also featuring Expose: The Disgrace Of A Female Dypso, I’m Glad I Married A Tramp, We Are Your Geisha Slaves, Sgt. Joe!, and Capture the Wild-Riding Renegade Nymph

The bounty hunter gaped at the lovely sight. She represented all this, and hard cash, too. They said he was plumb loco. You can’t hamstring a she-hellion like Sally. But Jeff has his own ideas. He’s use man’s oldest weapon.

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Soft Nudes For Hitler’s Doctor Horror

Man's Book October 1967

Amazingly, this is unrelated to Soft Nudes for the Nazis’ Doktor Horror


Doomed Virgins Of Hitler’s Dr. Torture

Man's Book June 1967

Also featuring Exposed: The Sorority Of Women Who Want To Die, Sex Impulses That Spell Your Doom, My Incredible Escape From The She Demons’ Lash Of Lust, and last but certainly not least, Death On Blood Island


Bring Out The Bound Angel Of Slaughter

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Also, Why Homosexuals Refuse To Be Cured, Analyze Your Sex Potential: Do You Measure Up? and Helpless Brides of Satan’s Ice Monster

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Soft Flesh For The Red’s House Of 1,000 Agonies


Also featuring 10 Weaknesses That Can Doom Your Sex Life, A Prostitute Speaks Her Mind On Sex, The Screaming Virgins Of The City Of Horror, and Way Out Kicks Of Suburbia’s Swinging Teens


Fantastic Raid On The Nazi’s Desert Brothel


Also featuring Sex For Supper — Those Bachelor Girl Parties And You!, Initiation In Hell For The Maidens Of Agony, 10 Truths That Can Affect Your Virility, and I Want My Woman To Dominate Me — Here’s Why