Beauties For The Nazi Artist Of Agony

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Man's Book April 1967

Also featuring Expose: The Disgrace Of A Female Dypso, I’m Glad I Married A Tramp, We Are Your Geisha Slaves, Sgt. Joe!, and Capture the Wild-Riding Renegade Nymph

The bounty hunter gaped at the lovely sight. She represented all this, and hard cash, too. They said he was plumb loco. You can’t hamstring a she-hellion like Sally. But Jeff has his own ideas. He’s use man’s oldest weapon.

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Fantastic Raid On The Nazi’s Desert Brothel


Also featuring Sex For Supper — Those Bachelor Girl Parties And You!, Initiation In Hell For The Maidens Of Agony, 10 Truths That Can Affect Your Virility, and I Want My Woman To Dominate Me — Here’s Why


The Wild Raid Of Gibbon’s Lace Panty Commandos


I thought commandos didn’t wear panties?

Also featuring The Incredible Nymph Navy That Swiped A Nazi Destroyer, The Fantastic Escape Of Mme. Torture’s Lust Slaves, Teach Me To Love: The Cry Of A Frigid Woman, Broiled Alive By Hell’s Flame