Lust Vengeance For The Rebel Wanton

Man's Scape August 1963

Also, You Are The World’s Lousiest Lover, Cops Should Crack More Heads, The Flames Of Hell Are Frying My Flesh, A Flaming Kiss For My Liebchen, 1,000 Maidens For Satan’s Orgies Of Terror, and Love Slave of the Nympho Goddess


Virgin Brides For Satan’s Orgies

Man’s Escape Magazine December 1963 thumbnail
Man's Escape December 1963 thumbnail
Man’s Escape Magazine December 1963
Man's Escape December 1963

Also Keep The Homosexual Out Of Prison, Chewed Alive By The Winged Horror, Guns — The Number One Sport, and American Woman, You Writhe, Scream And Die!

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The Desperate Raid Of The Rebel Pink Panty Platoon

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The Rebel harlots beckoned to lusting Yankees

Diane’s lovely wantons marched to the tune of a sultry love song. Their battle banner was a petticoat waiving in the breeze. They were the South’s deadliest weapon.

Also featuring Yankee Woman, You Die Slowly, How I Roll You, Honey, 1000 Brides For The Devil’s Lust and Bone Crushers on Ice

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So Lovely My Sweet, To Die Screaming!

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Man's Escape June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Escape June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Escape June 1963
Man's Escape June 1963

Also includes Handmaidens Of The Lash Of Lust, Men Under 35 — America’s Biggest Bust, I Led The “Pink Panties Platoon” Against Cuba’s Butchers, Hungry Money Mogules Are Killing Baseball, and You Are A Potential Sex Killer.

With our patented training program, you too could slay women with sex!

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