Burt Kieffer and His German Jungle Bride


Also, ‘I Acted In A “Nudie”‘, and ‘Do “Sex Stimulants” Work?’

Take That, Commie!

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Escape From Moscow, Women’s Real Sexual Needs, The Nude French Decoy, and The Backwoods Torture Plot of Luke Watkins

Update: Now with the actual cover in addition to the painting.

Pirate Queen of the China Seas


Kalba Wong terrorized men — but Cliff Wrede taught her a leason.

Also featuring ‘I Am A Nympho Alcoholic’, ‘Raped In The Black Wave of Terror’, and ‘How to Bet YOUR System’

The Man Who Cried When They Pulled His Hair


Also featuring ‘Intimate Surgery For Men’, ‘Jungle Women Who Kill For Love’, and my personal favorite, ‘What Teens Are Teaching Teachers About Sex’