The Clue Of The Shaky Voice

Master Detective September 1936

Also, Murder at Honeymoon House and Fortune Teller’s Doom


How I Solved The Great Missouri Bank Robbery

Master Detective November 1931

Also, The “Death Bottle” Mystery


The Honey Blonde Just Had To Die

Master Detective January 1962

The New Hampshire beauty didn’t know she was signing her own death warrant when she wrote her “Dear John” letter

Also, A Nod For The Gunman, Dead Nurse On Hallowed Ground, and Pink Lady Murder Case


A Beautiful View — For Murder

True Crime Dec 1961

Also featuring A Jealous Lover’s Fatal Mistake, The Counterfeit Cop And The Sheriff’s Son, and Blonde In The River


Bitter End for the Extra Wife

Master Detective October 1958

Only one mistress could reign in the Oakland, Cal bungalow