Plane Passengers Bailed Out Automatically

Modern Mechanix October 1932 thumbnail
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Modern Mechanix October 1932

One of the most pressing needs of aviation has been a mechanical method whereby all passengers could be simultaneously and automatically bailed out at the psychological moment, that is, when the pilot learns that all hope for saving the plane is lost. 

Such a method has now put in its appearance in the aviation world. With the equipment shown in the above photo, it is possible for the pilot to send his passengers on a flight groundward by parachute whether they want to bail out or not.

This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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How Frank Buck Filmed His Famous Tiger-Python Battle

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Modern Mechanix November 1932

Everyone who has seen Frank Buck’s “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” that amazing movie of jungle life, is asking the question: “How did they ever film that spectacular battle between a Bengal tiger and a 30-foot python? Was it faked? How did the cameramen happen to be on the scene — and how did they escape with their own lives?” Read the answer in this article.


Sea Bicycle On Balloons

Modern Mechanix December 1932

I love that this guy is taking a relaxing bike ride on the ocean in a sweater, tie, wool pants, and Oxfords. 


Flying Barrel to Carry 100 Passengers

Modern Mechanix March 1933 thumbnail
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Modern Mechanix March 1933

Development of a huge “flying barrel” transport plane capable of carrying a hundred passengers inside its thick tubular hull is foreshadowed by recent successful test flights of the hollow fuselage plane shown in the photograph directly above, designed by Engineer Stipa of the Italian Caproni works. The picture shows: double cockpits placed on top of the cylindrical body, but in the refined version of the plane for large scale passenger traffic, the piloting compartment is faired into wing and propeller is driven through gears much like the dirigible Akron.


Can This Man Fall?

Modern Mechanix June 1933

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Edison’s Secret Spirit Experiments

Modern Mechanix October 1933

I assume this cover depicts an effort to Raise The Titanic. See also: Project Azorian


Do Wild Radio Waves Cause Air Disasters?

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Modern Mechanix 7-1933

This painting is a reverse photoshop job, not Norman Saunders’ original, but it is too amazing to not share. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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