The Junk Pusher

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Pyramid 126 1954 thumbnail
Pyramid 126 1954

He brought a new vice to a sin-ridden town

From the back:

His victims were drug-addicted teenager and desperate women
Rick Hunt was a salesman. His product was depravity. His territory extended from Stark Town’s crime-infested Mexican quarter to the sordid splendor of the Mayor’s mansion. His customers were the young and the broken—life’s grotesque failures, sustained by drugs and sensual fantasies.
His women were a teen-aged addict called Isabella and the love-starved wife of his oldest friend.

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The Grass Is Singing


The haunting story of a woman’s moral disintegration


Portrait Of Lisa


Sin was the fashion of her set, only — fashions go out of style

From the back:

I’ve Painted You, Lisa — The Lush, Wanton Beauty Of You. Not The Soul, Lisa — Only The Tempting Body, The Soul, Lisa — I Couldn’t. It Will Have To Wait Until We Meet In Hell

Portrait Of Lisa ruthlessly reveals the inverted morals of the station-wagon set — the jaded idlers of New York and Connecticut. Here is a golden — and tarnished — way of life, with all it’s elegance and sordid sensations


The Lotus Eaters

Pan Books. 1962

Rending apart the phony values of ‘big operators’, unmasking sexual greed and marital infidelity, this biting novel highlights the moral crisis facing America


The Third Lust

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LPF-The Third Lust-Front

A Bold And Absorbing Story Of Women In The Suburbs Who Discover…

The Well-Cared-For Women In Their Well-Tended Homes Had Time On Their Hands — Time To Pursue The New Community Pastime… Lesbianism!

From the back:

This sex-rocked community is part of a sprawling institution — Suburbia — the leafy spawning ground of lonely wives. They are the pampered, yet tortured women at the city’s edge, wrestling with isolation and the temptations born of it…

Few Novels So Candidly Unveil The Hidden Problems Of Modern Community Living!

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Scandal High

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Beacon Books B351

The thrill wore off… the disgrace never did…!

High-School Kids On A Rampage, Taking Post-Graduate Courses In Sex… Before The Ink Is Dry On Their Diplomas! A Novel Every Parent Must Read!

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Witch Finder


Tricked into oral sex acts by the community’s better male citizens, Ruth was later subjected to torture from would-be moralists — the town’s most sinful vigilantes…


The Co-Eds

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A scathing novel of loose morals in our suburban schools!


Three Strange Women

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Beacon B358 1960

They knew what they wanted… each other!

The story of Susan, Norma and Gail… three small-time models, constantly exposed to each other’s charms. Inevitably, they fell into depraved practices — but could they fight their way back to normal love?

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Hot Rod

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Speed… Danger… DEATH!
The thrill-packed story of a daring young driver.

From the back:

When Bud Crayne got behind the wheel of his souped-up jalopy he knew he could count on his rod doing a sweet, easy 120 miles an hour. And he knew he could count on his trigger-fast reactions to drive his way out of trouble. The kids idolized him, his friends envied him, and La Verne Shuler was his girl.

Teen-Age Gangs

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From the back:

Here is the inside story of juvenile gangs in action — their hangouts and habits, their girl friends and underworld heroes: dope peddlers and bookies, trigger-happy hoodlums and easy money boys.

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Rock Me Baby!

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Intimate Edition 707 1962 thumbnail
Intimate Edition 707 1962

Exposing the scandal-ridden world of today’s juvenile jukebox cult.

Bop king Dickie Wild was the idol of millions of screaming teen-agers… but his private love life would have made Casanova blush!


Teen-Age Vice (Original Title: Designs In Scarlet)

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Revealed — The Shocking Truth!

Inspired by J.Edgar Hoover, Written in cooperation with the F.B.I.

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Harling College


The most provocative and challenging novel on campus sex practices since The Harrad Experiment


Marijuana Girl


She Traded Her Body For Drugs — And Kicks!

Never Was There A Novel As This… Telling The Plain, Uncensored Truth About Teenage Addicts — And Their Desperate Search For Thrills!