My Life With New Guinea’s Amazon Women

Stag October 1957 thumbnail
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Stag October 1957

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Run The Wild River

Lion 117 1952

He Sold A Thousand Men As Slaves — But Could He Subdue This One Hellcat?
The Shocking Truth About Mexican Wetback Traffic

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$1,000,000 Daylight Raid On Pleasure Island

Stag September 1965

Also, Love Riot At Iron Curtain Beach Resorts and Castro-Russian Plot To Chop Up South America


Drown The Guns At Trondheim

FOR MEN ONLY August 1965 12-8

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Escape Of The “Shot-To-Hell” P.O.W.

STAG July 1964 15-7

Also, The Wife Traders, Quick, Before It Melts, and The Day Pilot Delaney Sank The World’s Biggest Battleship

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The Night The Mob Took Over “Thrill Park”

Cover of  FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967. thumbnail
FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967. thumbnail
Cover of  FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967.
FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967.

Also featuring The Nude Castaways (A lifeboat packed with seven desperate men and a man-hungry blonde who knew how to survive), Free Love “Angels”, We Survived Africa’s 10,000 Corpse Massacre, and America’s Divebombing, Cong-Blasting Commandos


Ringside Jezebel (1953)

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Original Novels 725 1953 thumbnail
Original Novels 725 1953 thumbnail
Original Novels 725 1953
Original Novels 725 1953

The Shameless Story Of Men Who Fight… And Their Women
She was a girl with the smell of battling men in her nostrils, the taste of their kisses on her lips…

From the back:

Brute Men and Eager Women 
Women and sweat are the rewards of a fighter who makes the grade … sometimes his only rewards. The sweat comes naturally. The women flock around the ringsides, the dressing-room doors, eager for the touch of a successful fighter’s hard muscles and surging manhood … and the money he makes in an evening and spends the same night…
The sweat does a man good. The women are often his ruin, the most deadly pleasures, the most poisonous delights a man can get himself involved with…
That’s the kind of girl Terry was … a girl with the smell of battling men in her pretty nostrils, the taste of their kisses on her beautiful lips, the feel of their money in her dainty hands. When Jimmy Biddle met Terry his career as a prizefighter reached its peak … and so did his life as a man … because nobody who met Terry was ever the same again.

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General Patton’s Terrible Blunder

Male December 1959

Also, The Fabulous Renegade And His Island Nymph


The Hell-Raising Yank and His Remarkable Flying Sub

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Male October 1962

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Yank Imposter In The Luftwaffe

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Male February 1966
Male September 1970

Art was reused for the 1970 Annual issue


Five Days To Silence The Guns Of Tromso

Male October 1965

Also, America’s New Army Of Promiscuous Women


Yank Who Flew 20 Playgirls Out Of Red China

Male November 1960

Also featuring The Prisoner In Fraulein Anna’s Private Compound, Tragedy At The Very Center Of The Earth and There’s A Psycho At The Controls Of The “Lazy Lil”