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She Played The Odds — And Lost!

The client had a perfect alibi for the night Maureen Auburn disappeared — but nothing made private eye Donald Lam suspicious like a perfect alibi.

When the beautiful girlfriend of a notorious gangster vanishes, it’s up to P.I. Donald Lam to get to the bottom of her disappearance — and of a mining scam, an illegal casino operation, a double homicide, and an opportunity for an enterprising private eye to make a small fortune…if he can just stay alive long enough to cash in!

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Mecca For Murder

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Here’s that Chester Drum again… Beating his way through belly dancers and bloodshed

Oh, that Chester! Always beating his way through bellydancers!

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The Scarlet Venus

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To love her was to hate her, and to hate her was to die

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The Hang-up Kid


A sexy freak and a flipped-out hippie — Rick Halman’s guides on a trip into murder!


The Big Touch


November 1953 issue
– Henry Kane – The Big Touch
– Bruno Fischer – Coney Island Incident
– Craig Rice – The Bells are Ringing
– Fletcher Flora – A long Way to KC
– Evan Hunter – The right Hand of Garth
– Charles Beckman Jr – Case History
– Jonathan Craig – Kid Stuff
– Richard Masten – Classification
– Peter Paige – The Watcher
– Raymond J. Dyer – Six Stories


The Sad-eyed Seductress [Vertical Cover]

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One look at her and Danny Boyd knew — a blonde with her kind of eyes… would be murder!!!

A more traditional, vertical, cover. The awesomely horizontal version is here.


Edit: Added the cover of Ready When You Are, C.B.! The autobiography of Alan Yates, alias Carter Brown, which reused the same cover image. via

The Bleeding Scissors / Die Gefangene

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His Wife’s Past Lead to Blackmail and Murder!

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