The Beasts Who Were Once Men


This poor woman is being drilled, snake harassed & branded, which might seem like overkill to some people.


Homicide Johnny


Everybody Wanted Her — Even The Killer!
Evil Was All Around Her and There Was No Escape



Murder Is Served

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Would you kill a man you hated — For thirty million dollars?

Best things about this cover

    • OK, remember that’s “thirty million dollars” in late ’40s dollars, so I believe the answer to the question is “hell yes.”
    • Love his expression—I believe he is telling that lady, “You got served!”
    • In turn, I believe the lady is either mimicking masturbation or trying (unsuccessfully, by the look of it) to make cutlery disappear.
    • “You call those boobs!?”—sorry, just thinking of more things that guy might be saying.
    • Her: “I made you a canoe out of a napkin and this is how you thank me!?” I could go on all day. This one painting is like an endless one-act play.

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The Case of the Yellow Mask

November 1935


Johnny Come Deadly


He knew it could be a hot town. Gambling, B-girls, dope. But no man could know about Connie…


Barely Seen

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“Be nice to me, Johnny,” the redhead said to Linddell.”I’ve got something you want.”

Death of a Dastard


Pete Chambers investigates the indiscrete sex-life of some blackmailed beauties as he tracks down the killer of an old-fashioned cad!


The Hellcat

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Al Wheeler tangles with a fiery red-head who has a flaming temper — a sex kitten who can claw as she caresses, kisses.. as she kills

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Blonde on a Broomstick

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Rick Holman is taken for a ride by a covey of curvaceous witches… and flies straight into MURDER!

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