The Brazen

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Al Wheeler is stuck with a dead man at his feet — and three high-living females on his hands…

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The Girl Who Was Possessed


A luscious witch practices sorcery and sins herself into an early grave

From the back:

The Voodoo she’d do would drive men wild. Her naked body glowed in the black candlelight as she danced with sensual abandon. She was a witch, a wanton. She played the devil, and she wound up dead! Homicide lieutenant Al Wheeler learns all about sorcery when he investigates the death of a beautiful hex-cat and smashes into a cult of weird worshipers who crave sensation, sin, and Satan.


Wanton for Murder


First of a brief series of novels featuring debonair detective Shomri Shomar, loaned by the Israeli government to the New York police department.

Joe Adamo, ambulance attendant, examined the drunk who had fallen off the tenement roof. He didn’t know what he was letting himself in for! For example: Neva Nerrell, the drunk’s gorgeous wife, who had fewer morals than an alley cat; or the drunk himself, not really a drunk, who would recover from his fall, but shortly turn up as a murder suspect!

Joe wanted to be a doctor. Instead he would up playing detective, and was mixed up with diamond smugglers, a wanton killer, and The Mob. Joe was in ‘way over his head. It would take Lieutenant Shomri Shomar, most unconventional of sleuths, to pull him out again.


Time To Prey

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An oriental doll gets shanghaied by murder as Liddell untangles a deadly Chinese puzzle.

“This isn’t the place to talk,” the Chinese girl murmured. Liddell smiled.”Then let’s think of better things to do.”

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Drag Me Down


Too Lovely To Forget — Too Dangerous To Love

From the back:

A behind-the-scenes novel of the glamorous world of the summer theater; Where Hollywood starts come to pick up a fast buck, and stay for fly-by-night fun. Where has-been actresses meet new would-be lovers, and find their passionate romances are no more permanent than the sultry vacation season.

And where an indiscreet press agent’s stormy backstage affair with an onstage temptress can violently ring down the curtain on two tempestuous careers.


The Violent World of Michael Shayne

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The Multimillion-Dollar Murders (Original Title: The Castle Island Case)


Colonel Hugh North again.


A Riddle for Romeo: What Rhymes with Murder?



Follow as the Night


He wanted one of four women… And he wanted her dead!


The Seven Deadly Sisters


Who’s the Killer: Redhead, Alcoholic, Blonde, Matchmaker, Playgirl, Flirt, Spinster?


The Far Cry

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Jenny was an obsession… She could drive men to MURDER!

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Weep for a Wanton


Murder was her business — and her destiny!