Sizzle, My Sweet, In The Flames Of The Damned!

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Man's Story February 1966

Also includes Smash The Sultan’s Fabulous Flesh Palace and Exposed: Passion Playground Of The Teen Jet Set

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Helpless Virgins In The Nazis’ Harness Of Terror

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Also, Bring Back The Naked Angel Of The Hell Riders’ Lust Cult, Horror And Agony — The Discipline Rites Of The International White Slavers, Love Me To Death — The Incredible Revenge Of Colorado Kate, Parking Lot Passion — The Teenage Menace, and Psyching Out: Our National Disgrace

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Soft Nudes for the Nazis’ Doktor Horror

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Also includes I Work The Nylon Jungle: Confessions of a Lingerie Showroom Girl10 Ways to Tell If You Are A Sexual Fraud, and Beware the Traps of Oversexed “Spinsters”


Torture Is Their Business


Behind the scenes of a Foreign Legion prison camp

Also, ‘Lizzie Russel and her Riverboat Bordello’


The Wild Rampage of the Sex-Crazed Pirate Women


Fun Fact: When chicks go too long without getting laid, they go crazy and storm sea-going vessels looking for lovers

Also featuring The Day The Major Slaughtered Our Battalion at Bataan!, The Kissing Disease That Can Kill You!, We Smashed the Sadistic Snake Cult of the Congo, and The Lusty Tarts Who Spied For Revenge


Soft Decoys of Death to Smash the Krauts

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WORLD of MEN July 1963

Also, Cooked Alive in the Ring of Horror, We Are Your Geisha Slaves, Sgt. Joe, The Bordello Blitz of France’s Harlot Army, and I Am Making My Wife A Killer

Chains of Agony for the Bound Beauties of Norway

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19576736-Man's Epic, October 1972
19576757-Man's Epic, October 1972Norm Eastman

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