Mistress Of Madness

Off Beat Detective Stories Jan 1961

Also, Soft Arms — Bloody Hands!, Lust Town! and Run, Sucker, Run!


White Cap Lesbian

Brandon House 723 1965

Jackie Tried To Be A Cool, Efficient Nurse — But She Couldn’t Control Her Lust!


Night Nurse (Venus Books #155)


She was lovely and warm, just what the patient needed!

This is a different edition than this other 1953 Venus printing, #174


Student Nurse

Student Nurse, paperback cover, 1941 thumbnail
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Student Nurse, paperback cover, 1941

A love like this came only once in a lifetime — would she have the strength to give it up?

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Nurses’ Quarters (1970)

Softcover Library SCL S95186 1970 thumbnail
Softcover Library SCL S95186 Back thumbnail
Softcover Library SCL S95186 1970
Softcover Library SCL S95186 Back

Outside so white and pure, inside so depraved…
A daring study of girls living in sexual intimacy!

Cover art swiped from Strange Nurse

From the back:

Clair And Her Lovers…
This is the story of lovely women … lonely women … women who drift into the ways of unnatural love. What makes them what they are? Is predisposition, some there some unwholesome twisted experience of … childhood, that nurtures the growth of these “flowers of evil”? Or does the noxious phenomenon inevitably occur when girls are herded together, as in schools, camps — and nurses’ quarters?
Consider three lovely nurses at Mercy Hospital. Young Claire Hainsby’s innocence had kept her flesh so starved that she became easy prey for warped Birdie Mathews. Once tainted, Claire sank to battling sensual Nesta Johnson for Birdie’s practiced and cynical love. Yet honey-gold Claire was attractive to men—one or two even lured her into passionate interludes. Could these experiences save her from the netherworld of her depraved emotions?
A Courageous Novel! Readers Will Watch With Fascination Claire’s Struggle To Escape…


The Gay Nurses

Brandon House 913 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back thumbnail
Brandon House 913 1966
Brandon House #913, 1965
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back

Their white caps and starched uniforms concealed smoldering bodies that ached for forbidden love!

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Lesbians in White

Brandon House 627 1964

Beneath their crisp white uniforms burn secret passions that can only be whispered about!

… or written about in sleazy paperbacks.


Baby Peddler

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The Desperate Story Of Girls In Trouble

This art was reused for Desperate Lives, Star Books (AUS) #233

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