Registered Nympho

Companion Book 524 1967

Her Ethics Gave Way To Her Urges

A 1967 reprint of Nurse Carolyn, with minor changes, by Cornith/Greenleaf’s Companion series, with Robert Silverberg’s pen name changed from Loren Beauchamp to Don Elliott.


Nurse Carolyn (1960)

Midwood F292 1960

She was just what the doctor ordered, but more than the patient could take.

This is the second edition. First edition is here.


Nurse Carolyn

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MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967 thumbnail
MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

She Was Not Only Good For Her Patients… She Was Good To Them

An Intimate Peek Into The Extra-Curricular Duties Of a Very Private Nurse!

Cover art was reused for Maternity Ward by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

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Doctor’s Nurse (Original Title: A Girl Called Joy)


Doctor and nurse, they are also men and women — and so are their patients — men and women with yearning desires…


Mistress Of Madness

Off Beat Detective Stories Jan 1961

Also, Soft Arms — Bloody Hands!, Lust Town! and Run, Sucker, Run!


White Cap Lesbian

Brandon House 723 1965

Jackie Tried To Be A Cool, Efficient Nurse — But She Couldn’t Control Her Lust!


Night Nurse (Venus Books #155)

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She was lovely and warm, just what the patient needed!

This is a different edition than this other 1953 Venus printing, #174

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Student Nurse

Student Nurse, paperback cover, 1941 thumbnail
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Student Nurse, paperback cover, 1941

A love like this came only once in a lifetime — would she have the strength to give it up?

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