Three Couple Affair

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I would really like to know what is happening in this picture.

“One was a nymphomaniac… one wanted to be loved for her body… one did her best “work” after hours. And each fit neatly into the fastest-paced diamonds-and-dollars heist on record.”

This painting illustrated the story “Three Couple Affair” in Stag magazine in May 1967. via

Free The Women of Love Captive Stalag

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Why is that Nazi officer painting flowers on a woman in her underwear? Because he is JUST THAT EVIL!

Also featuring ‘Rotten Meat Bootleggers’, ‘The Thrill-Kill Pack’, and ‘Why You Girls Turn Into Unbridled Sex Kittens: The Bedroom Rebels’


Edit: Added original/alternate artwork. Clearly, it is a different version of the same scene. via

Update: SubtropicBob noticed the same thing, but he had the artist’s phone number, so he called and asked what was up with the nude variant. It seems that someone bought the original painting years ago and repainted it with nudity in an attempt to increase its resale value. He also included the interior artwork for this coverstory, which I have now added here.

Death-Chase for a Million-Dollar Nymph

Death-Chase for a Million-Dollar Nymph

Action for Men story illustration, July 1973


American Century #26


This is a pulp-cover-style painting with pulp covers in it! Meta-Pulp!


Manhattan Heat


I don’t think this painting was ever used for a cover, but it should have been.


The Aseptic Murders

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Two nude bodies add up to double trouble for Lt. Al Wheeler — as he sets off an explosive formula of kiss and kill!


The Devil In Iron

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The plot concerns the resurrection of a mythical demon due to the theft of a sacred dagger, and an unrelated trap that lures Conan to the island fortress roamed by the demon. Due to its plot loopholes and borrowed elements from Iron Shadows in the Moon, some Howard scholars claim this story is the weakest of the early Conan tales.

This complete issue can be downloaded here


Shadows in Zamboula

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A classic Conan tale. The story takes place over a night in Zamboula, with political intrigue amidst streets filled with roaming cannibals. It features the character Baal-pteor, one of the few humans in the Conan stories to be a physical challenge for the Cimmerian himself. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


This Is It, Michael Shayne

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The torn bill in her limp hand matched the half she’d mailed him. He could almost here her say… This Is It, Michael Shayne

A scissors-blade slaying rocks Miami, as a torn $500 bill in the hands of a murdered girl prods Michael Shayne into a danger-filled chase

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The Damned Lovely

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A priest… a cop… and a killer. When a prominent rabbi is found stabbed to death in a filthy little oil town…

When a dishonest police captain pins the rap on an innocent bystander…

When an enticing blonde, who knows too much, is taken for a ride…

It’s time for genial, two-fisted Father Shanley and rugged Police Detective Sammy Golden to join forces and clean out a rat hole of vice and murder.

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Discotheque Takeover Of The Savage Corrupters

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Straight out of 1968, baby!