Sin Circuit

Ember Book EB936 1964

Twisted Hungers And Wild Passions Along The — Sin Circuit


More Women Who Seduce Girls


… of women who completely dominate and take the trust of innocent girls and twist it to satisfy their oralistic lusts.

From the back:

Why must the naiveté and trust of lovely young girls be so cruelly exploited by jaded, sex-starved women with mad, per-verted lusts? Why must certain women destroy the young and weak to achieve sexual fulfillment?
Dr. Guenter Klow answers these and other questions as he continues his examination of the cunning, sex-crazed women and the unwilling innocents who are forced to perform the most degrading of Lesbianic tasks. Clever seduction —Perverted fulfillment


Death Is A Lovely Lady


The Murder Of A Hussy

Cover reused from Phantom Detective


The Case of the Vagabond Virgin


Not related to Vagabond Virgin, but the same book as this 1959 edition


Bedside Manners

Bee-Line Book 205 1967

The virile young doctor just wanted to practice medicine, but the bored suburban housewives wouldn’t let him . . . they wanted him to be their love doctor!

From the back:

When Doctor Len Battle came to town, the first thing that happened to him was that a beautiful woman offered to set him up in business, stake him for the first months it would take to build a practice, and warm his bed too! She even brought him a lot of patients . . . love-starved young wives who were demanding to be treated by him even though they weren’t ill . . . except from lack of sex! But when the young doctor rebelled against the idea of being a kept man for an entire bevy of demanding women, he discovered that the only thing worse than the fury of a woman scorned is the rage of many women scorned!


Wild Oats

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1961, Chariot Books #CB-178 thumbnail
Chariot Books #CB-178 1961 thumbnail
1961, Chariot Books #CB-178
Chariot Books #CB-178 1961

The Story Of A Lonely Tormented Girl Who Had To Pay To Sow Her… Wild Oats

Tall Men, Tall Girls, You Must Read This Gripping Story About A King Sized Beauty Who Went The Limit To Find A Man.

From the back:

Do Men Avoid Big Girls?
How does it feel to look down on men because Nature made you a gorgeous Amazon?
Alma was six feet of glorious, healthy woman, with love busting out all over her.
Her beautiful, perfectly proportioned body made her the champion of the basket ball courts, and she looked like a giant Venus in her sleek swim suit as she broke record after record.
Men looked at her as just a good sport, and left it at that. She was just too big to handle.
But alone in the small hours of the night, Alma, the magnificent all rounder in athletics, the perfect secretary at the office, tossed and turned in sleepless torment. Her voluptuous molded body wanted to play the game, to love, to experience the joys of womanly fulfillment in a man’s arms . . . to sow Wild Oats if there was no other way . . . and so she turned to strange channels in her rebellious search to still the tempest that raged within her.

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