CARNIVAL #937 - 1955

The Shocking Story Of A Young Girl Who Hunted For Thrills!


The Big Bedroom

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Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 Back thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 Back

A frank novel of broken vows and secret sins in a New York suburb that everybody knows

I don’t know what kind of foolish art director decided to crop out the peeping tom from this cover, but at least he used it on the back cover.

She brought her best friend’s husband to the motel to prove to him that his wife and her husband were having an affair. But while they waited for their respective spouses to check into the hot-pillow hideaway, she decided that they too could play at infidelity!
This is a frank and revealing novel of manners and morals in the suburbs. With candor and brutal honesty, it lays bare the wild joys and heartaches, the fear and insecurity that drive suburban couples into adultery and deceit.


Pages Of Sin

1962 Nightstand Book #NB-1589 thumbnail
1962 Nightstand Book #NB1589 thumbnail
1962 Nightstand Book #NB-1589
1962 Nightstand Book #NB1589

Her Life Story Was Written As She Lived It — In Shame!

From the back:

SINFUL DIANA was her name, and she wasn’t goddess of the hunt. She was a publisher of forbidden books, books no self-respecting individual would touch, let alone read. But there were many customers for her wares, and with the demand for her sinful product came the demand for conscienceless writers to join her sin-infested stable. That was where Joe came in, Joe who had met Diana in a bar and that same night experienced the warmth of her lips and arms. Joe who wanted to be a writer, and as Diana worked it, even a writer of lust—for it meant both money and a life of passion if Joe took advantage of her offer. So he sold himself and his talent and slipped into the gutter beside her to produce an orgy of—
Lust In Print!

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The Poisoned Pussy (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #9)

Tower Books 45-212 1969

Sock It To Me, Says Eve Drum… Which  Is What They’re All Dying To Try — And Die Trying


Passion Blues

Beacon Books BB145 1957

Sherry Pleased: Hope Teased: And Then — There Was Linda


Dr. Randolph’s Women

Intimate Novel #21 1952

Where They Patients — Or Playmates?
Where the physician stopped, the man began…!

From the back:

She was a broad-minded wife…
A physician’s wife has to overlook certain things. But Dr. Clinton Randolph took Marcia too seriously when she said he could go out with his lady patients. He actually tried it, and on the night of their third anniversary. It turned out to be a big evening for them both. Clint found himself a victim of the old army game. Marcia wound up with the Navy–in her bathtub! And when Clint returned from his escapade, he found Marcia sobering up a perfect stranger, with kisses. Which caused Clint to turn around and walk right out again. Just at this juncture, who should appear but Marcia’s old lover, Parker Browne. He hadn’t changed a bit …
Here is a cutting analysis of modern liberalism in marriage, a deft and exciting novel of fair play which gets out of hand. It’s moral? Never mistake tolerance for indifference?


Lust Sniper


A Madman On The Loose In A City Of Wantons!

From the back:

lay naked in a thousand twisting canyons of the Hollywood hills, where in a thousand little nooks a pleasure-seeking blonde could stretch her sin-touched body out naked in the sense-tingling warmth of the sun. It could be any girl, nude and relaxed, and then suddenly would come the sharp crack of a rifle and the splat of a high-powered slug. A terrifying sound. But the naked girl wouldn’t know about if. By that time she would be dead, a neat round hole where her stomach sloped, and a great big cavern behind her where the dum-dum emerged. And somewhere in the hills a madman laughed and looked for his next—


The Platinum Trap

MIDWOOD # F-202 1962 thumbnail
MIDWOOD #F-202 1962 Back thumbnail
MIDWOOD # F-202 1962
MIDWOOD #F-202 1962 Back

From the tip of her toes to her platinum top Joan Browne’s body was a devouring trap that fed her greed for fame and pleasure