Campus Queen

Midwood 33-682 1965

She Played The Game — And Won

From the back:

After a year of college, Nancy. found that books, alone, could not teach her what she wanted to learn. This is the story about a beautiful girl and her quest to discover the facts-of-life.


Obsession (1965)

Midwood 32-510 1965

There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to be alone with this strange and sensual creature

From the back:

The Velvet Trap
She had wanted only to be loved, to be desired, to please and be pleased. Somehow, somewhere during her quest for fulfillment, she’d become both the used and the user, the subject and the object, a creature of both ecstasy and despair.
Was this to be her fate: to be a mere plaything of these savage, lusting women… a helpless victim of their strange sickness? Was this to be her life: to be passed around among these hard and voracious creatures who cared nothing about her feelings but only her body… who took without giving, seeking only to satisfy their own depraved and jaded needs?


Model Mistress

Midwood 32-538 1965 thumbnail
Midwood 32-538 1965 back thumbnail
Midwood 32-538 1965
Midwood 32-538 1965 back

 She found out fast the price she had to pay in order to become a famous fashion model!!!

From the back:

She was young and lovely and ambitious, and disgusted with the way men had mistreated her. She had made up her mind she’d pay any price and meet any demand in her climb to fame and fortune in the high fashion modelling business. It didn’t take long before she discovered that a special breed of female controlled this glamorous world and that the demands which would be made of her would be of a highly specialized nature. It took even less time before she discovered that she didn’t mind paying the price for her success… that, in fact, she enjoyed going out of her way to please the sleek women who inhabited this exotic world without men!


The Chessmen of Mars

The Chessmen of Mars book dust jacket, 1922 thumbnail
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The Chessmen of Mars book dust jacket, 1922

This is the first edition from 1922, although it was also published in Argosy magazine the same year.

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Untamed Darling (Original Title: Iris)

Avon 297 1950 Untamed Darling

Two Men And One Wild Girl
“I’m Not At All Sure I Want To Be A Lady”…

From the back:

A Headstrong Young Man and An Uninhibited She-Imp in a Conflict of Sex!
An untamed darling that was Iris. One minute she was milk and honey, pouting like a spoiled baby. The next minute she was a Rabelaisian hussy, a veritable fountain of passion let loose in a room.
When Melville Rand, a serf-possessed young man, met Iris, he found all his barriers falling away with alarming rapidity She had an animal-like sensuality that acted like a drug over a man. She batted him, assaulted his very manhood in the most beguiling and intriguing manner, and taunted him beyond endurance. Melville could no longer predict his own actions—he wanted to spank her one minute, then make violent love to her in the next.
When Iris started on Melville’s successful and handsome father, Melville realized he would have to take Iris in hand strongly, and in a wonderfully exciting scene, as only Woodford can write it, the headstrong young man and the untamed darling have an unforgettable showdown.



Harlequin 293 1954

A derelict on New York’s waterfront, fighting her battles with flying fists and heels



1964 Midwood 32-397

She was a teasing, tantalizing sex-kitten who purred with pleasure whenever met petted her.