One Adam And Five Eves

Tropic Book 938 (1966)

These Five Mountain Lovelies Were Hell-Bent And Determined That Jocko Remain With Them In The Isolated And Primitive Area Where They Lived


Death Haunts The Dark Lane

A. B. Cunningham - Death Haunts the Dark Lane (1950, Dell Book #465)

Sheriff Roden and his dog track the killer of a Kentucky beauty 


Campus Scandal


Eileen wanted a love affair with an older man…
He was an instructor. She was a sensual, teasing co-ed. Their relationship threatened to blow the lid off Horton College — then one night it did!


The Street Walker

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She was the kind who sleeps till noon and lives by night… the kind who can take over a nice town and turn it bad.

Artwork later reused for Honky-Tonk Girl / The Boiling Point

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