The Fiend

The Fiend by Gerald Foster, UniBook, 1952 thumbnail
Uni Book #26 1952 thumbnail
The Fiend by Gerald Foster, UniBook, 1952
Uni Book #26 1952

A Soul-Stirring Story Of The Beast That Lurks In All Of Us….


Cabin Hostess (Original Title: Unfaithful)

Cabin Hostess, paperback cover, 1952 thumbnail
Venus Books #196 1952 thumbnail
Cabin Hostess, paperback cover, 1952
Venus Books #196 1952

The shocking story about what goes on behind the motel door

From the back:

This is the revealing story about one woman who was owned body and soul by a ruthless operator. He used her innocence and beauty like commodities—to further his own ends.
She could have freed herself by talking about what went on in the dead of night on the grounds of the Florida motel—but what good would it do her? She was DAMAGED GOODS!
She knew it would take a man made of steel to make a real woman of her again. But what decent man would ever want her—with her past?

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Back-Country Woman (Original Title: A Time To Sow)


He Brought Brutality to the Bridal Bed
She feared — then reveled in — his primitive love!


The Old Man’s Place

The Old Man's Place by John Sanford, Doubleday, 1953 thumbnail
Doubleday 251, 1953 thumbnail
The Old Man's Place by John Sanford, Doubleday, 1953
Doubleday 251, 1953

The  brutal story of three moral outcasts — of the evil plot and the doom they meet


Private Property

Midwood 32-425 1964

He found he’d inherited not only his father’s money but also his father’s young mistress!!!


A Woman’s Game

Beacon Signal B554F 1962

She Was All Boss… And All Woman!
Sylvia thought nightclub work was tough. But when she inherited a small struggling company, this amazingly desirable woman found that she was expected to pay off every male customer — and they didn’t want money!

From the back:

Her Body Was Her Best Business Asset!
Sylvia’s Struggle To Keep Her Company Alive Depended On The Whims Of These Men:
The Plant Manager • Hank Wade swore that any woman could be had … for money. Despite his taunting, Sylvia needed Hank desperately to keep the shop going. To hold him, she had to be all boss—and all woman!
The Purchasing Agent • Sixer Marconi — strong as a bull, ugly as sin — the man couldn’t keep his eyes or his hands off her perfectly formed body. And Sylvia knew she had to have his order!
The President • Ike Tracy looked like a gentleman and lived like a sultan. The most beautiful girls in Hollywood gave themselves to him willingly. Why was it that only Sylvia could give him what he needed?
The Customer • Luke Aaronson was fat, old and lonely. Sylvia needed his business to keep her company from going under. It was worth $120,000 and she’d do anything to get it!
Nude swimming pool parties; drinking, dancing and parking with lonely older men—no one had ever told Sylvia Martin the facts of life for women in business today.
This exciting book reveals the secret deals which men make with lovely women who dare to play at a man’s game!


Rapture Alley

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The Shocking Story Of A Girl Who Took The Road To Dope Addiction
The Candid Story Of A Girl Who Lived Recklessly On Forbidden Thrills

From the back:

Rapture For A Moment, Hell For A Lifetime . . .
Dope is no road to ecstasy, no matter what they say. It’s for defeated people . . . like Lora. Bitter, lonely people . . . like Lora. People who are tortured by forbidden love, who are in other people’s lives, who are at the end of their string, morally and emotionally . . . like Lora.
So Lora Took The Turn Into Rapture Alley . . . And Found It’s A Dead-End Street!
Swept along by a tide she could not buck, a fever of love she could not down, Lora was almost lost forever in the whirlpools of dope and degradation . . . until one little twist of fate showed her what she was in for. . . and why it was worthwhile to fight her way back.

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Dial O-R-G-Y


For Wanton Service All You Had To Do Was — Dial O-R-G-Y


Sin Shroud

Midnight Reader 435, 1962

She Took The Money And The Name Of A Dead Wanton To Live Her Life Of Shame!


The Beat Boys

Ace Bks H262 1959

America’s Teen-Age Jungle And A Searing Story Of Youth In Search Of ‘Kicks’

From the back:

Against a background of fast-drinking, drug addiction, wild jazz and all-night parties, the young people of today who make up the Beat Generation carry on their desperate search for a meaning to their lives—a search for identity, experience and love. The Beats may be found pursuing their restless quest in every big American city. Here is the world of the Beat Generation—a world of dingy back-stairs, be-bop joints, night-long wanderings, meetings on street corners, hitch-hiking, and ‘hip’ bars.