At the Earth’s Core

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At the Earth's Core, book dust jacket, 1922

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Free-Loving Wives

Beacon B803X 1965

There Was A New Twist To Suburbia’s Mating Game
The new weekend kick — every man seeking a strange woman and every woman a different mate!


Walk Out Of Darkness

Monarch 376, 1963

The Compelling Story Of A Nurses Devotion And A Doctor’s Courage

Presumably unrelated to Walk In Darkness


The Sex Kitten Grows Up

Beacon Softcover Library B872X 1965

When You Play With A Young She-Tiger, First Clip Her Claws!
The Bold Novel Of Two Proud Men And A Girl Who Was Catnip To Them Both


The Affair

Beacon Softcover Library B876X 1965

He Was A Brash Young Rebel. She Was His Teacher. Boldly They Defied Convention…
The story of a shattering affair between a sex-driven woman and a teen-age boy!

From the back:

Chuck Lewis, handsome football star, lives in a world of gridiron battles, record hops, beer parties. His adolescent “steady,” Joanie Miller, is willing to please him up to a certain point—but refuses to go all the way. So to satisfy his violent urges, and to make Joanie jealous, Chuck deliberately tempts his pretty high-school teacher, Meg Davidson.
During a private tutoring session, love-starved Meg yields to Chuck’s caresses, launching them both into a reckless and wanton affair. Then Meg marries Chuck, is discharged from her job and scorned by the community. But she has no regrets. All that counts are those frenzied satisfactions in the arms of her young husband.
Only one thing worries Meg. Does Chuck really love her? The answer comes as a crippling shock. Meg is Chuck’s wife. But Joanie Miller is carrying his child!


High Pressure (Original Title: Full Fathom Five)


A Hard, Realistic Novel Of The Florida Coast

Bantam had a 1949 edition. Corgi’s 1958 edition is here


The Unholy Lovers (Original Title: Hellbound)

Avon, 1959 T-342

A Warning Story For Every Man Or Woman Who Ever Had To Fight Illicit Desire


The Kingdom Of Johnny Cool

51343957686Gold Medal, 1959

Now His Enemies Knew How To Get At Him — By Torturing The Woman He Loved


Strange Lovers

Beacon Signal Sixty B727X 1964

Can a mature but still seductive woman win, hold and satisfy a younger man?
Can a man of fifty, however strong, win, hold and satisfy a pretty young girl?

From the back:

This is the unusually frank story of Barry St. Clair, fifty-year-old scholar, trim and virile. He falls under the spell of Lori, a teasing and promiscuous gamin.
This is the story of Roy Hayes, age twenty-five, who al-most gets his uncle’s young bride for himself. Their love affair takes a surprising turn.
This is also the story of beautiful Avis Morgan, maturely sensuous, warmly needful. Hungering for a youthful sweetheart, she tempts Roy with her money, her sophistication and, above all, her body. Does an older person, male or female lack the strength to hold a young lover… or is it the other way around?


The Husband Trader

Beacon Softcover Library B877X 1965

She Planned To Strike It Rich By Sharing Her Husband With The Right Women — And Then The Sentimental Slob Fell In Love!

Presumably unrelated to The Wife Traders

From the back:


Sex, land deals, stocks and bonds—they were all the same to Lori: commodities to find a buyer for. She’d sell herself, sell her husband, sell her friends—and sell out her enemies.
ELLEN had money— lots of it. And a voluptuous body that craved men — lots of them. So Lori obligingly invested her husband in a little sexual speculation.
BESS had bounced from bed to bed, each more expensive than the last, until now she shared her satin skin and silk sheets only with the big money.
Then Lori sold her husband down the three-way street with another woman once too often —and the sentimental slob fell in love!

In one blazing weekend of greed and unrestrained lust, the masks are ripped away from the people who would do anything—or anyone—for a dollar, and even the biggest operators find they’ve been sold.


Sex Habits of Single Women

Beacon Signal Sixty B748X 1964

This bold new book is an encyclopedia of the sexual practices and erotic fantasies of modern unmarried women. With case histories in their own words…

From the back:

CAROL L. “If a man wants you and you want him, you don’t just sit there.”
NANCY R. “His wife can’t give him satisfaction—but I can.”
HELEN Z. “There’s regular sex and there’s fancy sex. I’m a specialist in fancy sex.”
MURIEL F. “Both of us were women … and proud of it!”
MIMI D. “The day I decided to divorce Dave, I kissed my reputation goodbye.”
Disclosing the intimate love patterns of the unmarried female, the case histories in this study are highly enlightening. Revealed here is the full blueprint of America’s most disturbing social problem—illicit sex among single girls both “normal” and “abnormal” —portrayed in the personal stories of the women studied, and in comment by authorities in such fields as psychology and law. For every adult alarmed by spreading immorality and anxious to root out its causes, SEX HABITS OF SINGLE WOMEN, is required reading.


Abnormal Wife

Beacon Softcover Library B838X

Most Women Can Be Satisfied With Normal Love, But Not Marian… Not Marian!
In Manhattan’s little-known byways, this restless wife sought and demanded forbidden thrills and “different” love

From the back:

She Stopped At Nothing For Her Kicks…
Marian was not willing to leave well enough alone. She could have lived on comfortably in the suburbs with her husband but she was bored and restless. With him, the marital bed was tedious and sex routine.
That’s why Marian decided to give her sensuality free rein. She went on an expedition into Manhattan, cultivated bizarre friends — looked for unusual, sensual experiences— sought odd types of lovers who would stop at nothing….
Life became a series of off-heat adventures for Marian. For a time she enjoyed the repeated thrills of her strange, taboo world. But the odd breeds oddity. She found herself incapable of returning to normal ways, normal love.
A Novel Fearless In Its Revelations About Abnormal Sex — And The Women Who Demand It!


Private School

Beacon Signal Sixty B755X 1964 thumbnail
Beacon Signal Sixty B755X 1964 back thumbnail
Beacon Signal Sixty B755X 1964
Beacon Signal Sixty B755X 1964 back

The Girls Taught Each Other About Love!
Every Parent Should Read This Shocking Novel Of Adolescent Girls Who First Tolerated Vice — Then Embraced It — Then Could Not Live Without It…!

Cover stolen from Young Widow. The 1959 edition is here

From the back:

Maidens In Distress!
The Briars had a fine reputation as a school for adolescent girls. Yet the goings-on behind its ivy-covered walls were scandalous enough to shock the most hardened adult! For it was not just a matter of secret trysts with men. Here the young ladies were subjected to far worse iniquities. Certain members of the faculty were teaching the special subject of “love” to the more attractive girls, inducting them into warped and twisted practices….
Blonde Rhoda Sterling, for instance, and that Southern student, Emmylou Berry — both were educated in perversity by the handsome gym mistress. Fetching Elise Longstreet, who arrived at school with a healthy — too healthy — need for boys, was forced to endure the cruel indignities of Miss de Sousa, of the English Department. Obviously, only experiences with virile men could rescue such girls from their own warned passions. But would the world understand if measures drastic were attempted? After all, the pretty darlings were so young, so tender, so very tempting…
Behind The Venerable Façade Of Many A Private School Lurks Unutterable Vice And Wickedness. This Novel Affords A Glimpse Of Conditions Which Cry For Correction!