Captain Seadog

Pocket Books 1237 1959

He Fought For Queen, For Country, And For The Love Of The Passionate Woman He Was Forbidden To Mary

From the back:

These were the rewards Michael Goddard dreamed of when he returned to England with a treasure taken at sword’s point from the proud galleons of the Spanish Main. But instead, Goddard was falsely accused of treachery to Queen Elizabeth. He was left to rot in a dungeon. Then, suddenly and mysteriously, he was helped to escape. His rescuer was a ravishingly beautiful woman he had never even seen before. And the mystery deepened when Good Queen Bess herself ordered him to perform a service upon which hung the fate of all England. Was this just another trap baited by an English beauty? Or was it the way for this lusty swords-man to regain his honor and his glittering fortune? What was Goddard to believe?

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Tom Blood, Highwayman

Avon G-1125 1962

Meet the gallant Irish patriot who vanquished his enemies, tumbled the ladies, and stole England’s Crown Jewels — all with equal daring

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Suburban Wife (1958)

B-164 Universal Publishing 1958

A Searing Story Of A Lonely Wife On The Prowl — Told Frankly And Unblushingly!

From the back:

They Were Married — But Not To Each Other
The Fords, the Saxons and the Ramseys were neighbors—just good friends. But young Beth Ford was lonely and neglected… Pretty Grace Saxon was sick of a husband who wouldn’t give her what she needed… Millicent Ramsey, buxom and blue-eyed, had been waiting—and wanting—for seven frustrating ears… Inevitably, each saw the other’s man as more attractive than her own. So pretty soon the Fords, the Saxons and the Ramseys became more—a lot more—than just good friends. Then came the final shuffle that had them sharing practically everything!
A Story Of Life Behind — The Bushes Of Suburbia 



Midwood 33-768 1967

The third in the Body Beautiful series that takes us behind the scenes in the world of high fashion


Quietly My Captain Waits

Perma Books P156 1951

The violent story of a woman branded “wicked” — and banished to a savage wilderness


Bold and Brazen / Private Secretary

Midwood 34-624 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 34-624 1966 Back thumbnail
Midwood 34-624 1966
Midwood 34-624 1966 Back

Cover swiped from Illicit Interlude


The Absence Of A Cello

Avon #F-100, 1962

What gives when a scientist tries to sell his brain, and his soul (and his sister) to Big Business


Women’s Doctor

42382660-Women's_Doctor,_digest_cover,_1952 thumbnail
Venus Books #189 1955 thumbnail
41781733-7173078938_2c47f40b73_o[1] thumbnail
Venus Books #189 1955

He Was One Man in a World of Lonely Women!

Once again, the look on the guy’s face is the best part of this cover.

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Big-Town Hellcat (Original Title: On Borrowed Love)

Carnival Books #956 1957

A behind-the-scenes story of a girl disk jockey and the men in her life

From the back:

was setting the control booth on its ear. It was not so much what she said on the air—or the fact that her voice did scandalous things to her male listeners—it was what she did in her spare time that had the whole town talking.
The first man was her boss— but he was engaged to marry another girl when she walked into his life.
The second man was the most powerful sponsor the radio station ever had… He helped her career—but not her reputation.
This is a powerful story of an ambitious and alluring girl who used men to get ahead.


Young Passion (Original Title: Wild Passion)

Carnival Books Issue #955 1952

She was pretty, innocent — and easy prey for New York’s playboys


Office Sinner / Blonde Hellcat

24357050-lf thumbnail
30685644125-office-sinner-cameo-book-no-334-gene-harvey-1953 thumbnail
Cameo Books Issue #368 1957 thumbnail
Cameo Books Issue #368 1957

This painting was published twice as a digest cover for Cameo books, first as Office Sinner by Gene Harvey (Cameo books #334, 1953):

The frank story of a young girl who works in an office… side by side with men 

and then again one year later as Blonde Hellcat by Arthur Marin (Cameo books #368, 1954):

She was ambitious, passionate and jealous – of her own mother

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Tramp Girl

Stallion Books Issue #205 1952

She Had The Morals Of An Alley Cat
Men Taught Her That Love Was A Jungle, And Her Own Lovely Body Was Fair Game!


Untamed Woman

49084292976-untamed-woman-by-amos-hatter-quarter-books-no-88-paperback-original-1951-digest-size-uncredited-cover-art thumbnail
quarter-books-no-88-paperback-original-1951 thumbnail

Under A Tropic Moon, What Happens To A Virgin’s Vows?

From the back:

Born and bred in Boston, beautiful, blonde — and brilliant — Natalie Brewster had the world at her brightly manicured fingertips. Being a successful lady lawyer was one thing — and being engaged to socially-prominent Wendall Loverall added still another feather to her cap. But Natalie had dreams — dreams of desire that would have shocked Boston society — dreams of illicit pleasure that didn’t come true until a business trip to Hawaii turned into a passionate journey into ecstasy — and in Bill Grant’s arms, Natalie became an UNTAMED WOMAN!


Sweet And Deadly (Original Title: The Dark Wheel)


She Drove Him From Love To Madness – And Then To Murder