Death in the Wind


There was Death in the Wind for the four people who stood between the killer and a million-dollar inheritance.


The Case of the Acid Throwers (Original Title: The Blind Spot)



All Women’s Flesh

Berkley G-93 (1957).  Uncredited Cover Art thumbnail
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Berkley G-93 (1957).  Uncredited Cover Art

… is soft? Smells like lilacs? Is delicious with fava beans and a nice chianti? Where are you going with this title?!

From the back:

The Burning Flesh of Many Women
When Alain Le Ray’s wife ran off with his best friend, he tried to make a new life for himself in the arms of other women:
COLETTE—the tall and full bodied girl who lived across the hall. She gave herself to Alain the very first night ..
KAT—the sleek and athletic young actress. Although a Lesbian at heart, she didn’t mind sharing Alain with her voluptuous maid, MINA—as long as the three of them could be together .. .
MONIQUE—the ravishingly beautiful blonde who learned the facts of love in Alain’s arms . . .
ALL WOMEN’S FLESH is a penetrating novel of love and desire in today’s Paris.

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Velvet Seduction

Brandon House #965 thumbnail
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Brandon House #965
Brandon House #965 Back

The bold and shocking exposé of a French boarding school for young girls, where the curriculum offered private lessons in sex, seduction, and bizarre discipline.

Of course, I am sure this exposé was thoroughly researched.


Hot As Fire, Cold As Ice


“Men couldn’t keep their hands off Nona. It was a sweet way to die.”


Frank McCarthy’s James Bond Cover Art (1972-72)

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Casino Royale, From Russia With Love, Doctor No, and Goldfinger