A Choice Of Sexes

Midwood #34-974 1968 thumbnail
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Midwood #34-974 1968
Midwood 34-974 PBO 1968

She took aim with her body and never missed with her target!

From the back:

She had her choice of either sex. She wanted both. Together!

The passive role of female was not for Kate. She couldn’t resist the demonic urge to play the part of the male in bed — to overpower and subdue her love partner. It was easy when the partner was a woman, but it was much more of a challenge when the sex mate was a man!

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Pretty Puppet (1968)

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Midwood 34-979 1968 thumbnail
Midwood 34-979 1968

Two women who played a strange game of bondage

I actually prefer Rader’s other cover for this book.

From the back:

Two women checked into the big suite at Selena’s Hideaway, and left orders not to be disturbed. One was young and frail and delicately beautiful; the other a bit older, with a cruel smile and a body she flaunted majestically. No one at the hotel knew what went on once these two were locked inside their room with the shades drawn—the strange “game” they played, the unnatural power one had over the other, the things they did…

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Operation: Sex

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She stepped out of her clothes and into trouble. 

Working undercover was Colleen’s duty, playing between the covers, her pleasure.

From the back:

When Colleen accepted the undercover assignment she did not know !t would be her duty to share a stateroom with beautiful, mysterious Ruby.

But when Ruby stood in front of her — stark naked — and said, “The hell with men! I can do anything they can — anything!”, Colleen knew her duty and found it a pleasure.

Here are the high and low adventures of Colleen Mead, who had a body that frequent use improved, and she was always looking for a chance to improve herself, whether with men — or women.

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