Can Freaks Make Love?

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July 1952 Whisper
Whisper July 1952

Also featuring, Alimony For Men!, Vendetta Vengeance , “I Passed For White”, Girl Head Hunters!, and Sex And The French Army

Why is she holding that clock, and why is she so excited that it is 9:00?

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Summer Love Playgrounds!

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January 1953 Whisper
Whisper January 1953

Also featuring Cap, Gown & Lace Panties!, Passion In The Desert!, Femme Saber Fighters!, and Uncensored: The Girl Friends Of Murder, Inc!

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What You Don’t See At The Beach

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Wink December 1949

Is It Art Or Is It Sex?

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One Night with Nancy

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A Beautiful Girl — An Amorous Male — A Great Weekend

Technically, a weekend only has one night, right?

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Women Are Wacky

Eyeful August 1949

Lures For Marriage

This is getting close to straight Pin-Up, rather than Pulp, but the story titles were too good to not share.