Sin Was My Destiny

True Confessions November 1953

“I’m going to tell your wife, Jeff, no matter what happens to us…”


Illicit Lover and the Cruising Cadaver

Complete Detective Cases November 1940

Also featuring House Of Too Many Lovers and Harlot of the Highways, a complete copy of this issue can be downloaded here


Blonde Bait For A Jap Spy Trap


We don’t often post photo covers, but this one is just too perfect to ignore.


Marijuana Girl (1951)


Joyce Taylor Would Try Anything — If It Promised A Thrill!
She Fell Prey To The Foulest Of Rackets! 


Basement Gang / Reefer Club

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1953  Intimate_32
1953  Complete_01
1953 Stallion_213

A Daring Novel Of Reefer Smoke — Reckless Thrills — And The Wild Love Of Boys And Girls of The City Streets
A Biting Indictment Of A Society Blind To The Needs Of Neglected Youth

Your Children Know — But They Won’t Tell You!

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Passionate Trio

Original #120 1961

Each Lovely Girl Had Her Own Unbridled Perversion!
An Adulterous Wife, A Lustful Half-Female, A Passionate Nymphomaniac




The Story Of A Strange Love

Diana by Diana Fredericks. Probably not autobiographical.