Death Walks In Circles

Popular Detective August 1939

Also, Women Are Funny and Wings Of The Law


Motto For Murder

Popular Detective v29 n01 [1945-06] thumbnail
Detective Magazine June 1945 thumbnail
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Popular Detective - June 1945 thumbnail
Popular Detective v29 n01 [1945-06]
Detective Magazine June 1945
Popular Detective - June 1945

She looks terrified, even though she is clearly about to smash that guy’s skull in. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Cat From Siam

Popular Detective September 1949 thumbnail
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Popular Detective September 1949

This cover was later reused for Don’t Look Behind You!

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The Dead Don’t Die / The Fifth Grave

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She Was Betrothed To A Dead Man

A hard-boiled novel of strange love and violent death in a madmen’s cult

This issue of Popular Detective also contains Murder Off Honduras, and the entire issue can be read here.

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The Lair Of The Claw

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Popular Detective July 1935 thumbnail
Popular Detective July 1935

Also includes Mr. Quick And The Dead, Too Tough To Die, Marked For Murder, and The Sword Of Death

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Death Strikes Out


Also includes One Corpse Afloat