Find Me In Fire (1953)

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She Was Young But Ripe For Love

Can anyone make out that signature?

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Some Must Die


They were snowbound with greed and passion drove them to murder


The Sex Pulse


The Shocking Story Behind The Cold Statistics
The professor’s intimate questioning of the Maybrook coeds unleashed strange reactions, not only in himself and in his young and pretty assistant — but in the students as well…


Home to Harlem


Love Was Cheap And Life Was High In The Torrid Zone Of “Little Old” New York!


Charlie Chan Carries On


She Wanted The Second Floor — But The Old “French Lift” Took Her To Her Death!


The Whole Town Knew (Original Title: The Yeller-Headed Summer)

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Every Man Was Her Favorite

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It wasn’t that Faye Williams was bad at heart — she just couldn’t help herself. She was the daughter of one of the town’s Good Families, and she took refuge in drinking in her rebellion against all the hypocrisy she saw around her.

Trouble started when she was attacked and killed by three young punks. Then all the rottenness and corruption of the town came out. To make things worse, Jack Winters, the white trash constable, had to go and shoot his mouth off…

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I’ll Never Let You Go

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The Story Of An Unrelenting Love

From the back:

He Was No Good — For Women

Even among Florida’s tough Crackers, Yancey Clayton had a bad reputation. But neither his reputation nor his prison term for manslaughter stopped lovely Lee Baxter from taking him as her lover.
They carried on their love tryst in an abandoned shack — until Lee’s husband grew suspicious. Then Clayton turned to Lee’s kid sister, who was both wild and willing.
And that touched off a hurricane of violence, which ripped the small Florida town wide open.

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