Time To Embrace

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She Was Torn Between Loyalty And Desire

From the back:

Kay Marsh was in love
for the first time in her
life. She was ready to
abandon everything for
Lorenzo, a handsome,
Mexican primitive, who
hod aroused her as no
other man she hod ever
known. Yet, she hesitated
to betray her neurotic husband.
Tied to Edward and his nightmare world, she was
drown irresistibly to the beauty, vitality, and promise
of Mexico. But her passion
for Lorenzo precipitated a
chain of events she was
powerless to halt.


Underwater Diving: Sport or Suicide?


Also featuring It’s The Bunk About Southern Belles: The naked truth about the delicate darlings of Dixie — their morals, beauty, drinking habits and honeyed come-ons


Dark Surrender (Original Title: The Inward Voice)


A Passionate Novel Of Illicit Love


The Producer

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A flashing, intimately revealing novel about the people who make movies

Finally, someone is willing to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding the people who make movies! No longer will the elite of Hollywood remain anonymous and unknowable to the masses who enjoy their films!

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Cry Hard, Cry Fast

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Popular Library 675, 1955

A Hard-Hitting Novel Of High-Speed Love

A Ruthless Collision Of Passions

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Cleopatra’s Nights — The Life and Loves of the Queen of Egypt


I love the little over-the-shoulder look these two women are giving each other.


Dark Streets Of Paris (Original Title: Lucifer’s Dream)

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Dark Streets of Paris (Lucifer's Dream) paperback cover, 1954

The Story Of Two Lovers Without Shame

From the back:

Women Who Pay

Marceau had known only the sordid streets of Paris, when he was picked up by the seductive Madame Alice. She introduced him to a world of luxury — of wealthy women willing to pay for their entertainment.

Alice’s power over Marceau was complete, until he met Dominique — and knew he must destroy the woman who had corrupted him, or lead an innocent girl into hopeless depravity.

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Strangers May Kiss


On her answer hung her happiness… “Will you let me stay?” he asked


Lady Chatterley’s Daughter


Apparently unrelated (other than the reference to D.H. Lawrence’s novel) to this book of the same name.