Dead As A Dummy (Original Title: Hill Of The Terrified Monk)

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The Corpse Found An Empty Coffin

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Dark Hunger

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One Night Of Unbidden Love And She Was Never The Same Again

Is Unbidden Love a euphamism for rape?

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This is My Night


Her Lush Charms Were The Come-On In A Deadly Search For 4 Million Dollars


The Go Girls


They Rode The Nation’s Highways On Their Way To Kicksville

That is one of the more nonsensical taglines I have seen.


Run Tough, Run Hard

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Monarch 487 1964

A High Voltage Story Of Violence And Vice Among Over-Privileged Teen-Agers

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The Forsaken (Original Title: Years of the Eclipse)

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Men Were All She Lived For

From the back:

Clement studied Margaret’s uncovered knees through half-closed eyes. Watch it, he told himself. Don’t get any ideas. Remember, she’s Lady Norton now. Not the plain Margaret Dobay you used to know. With a sudden movement she stood up. The negligee parted dramatically down the middle and he stared breathlessly. “Embarrassed?” she asked in a very low voice. Careful! his mind warned him. Not that. Not with the wife of all-powerful Lord Norton! Then the former Margaret Dobay closed her eyes. Her lips parted slightly and she seemed to sway toward him. It was an engraved invitation. What man could turn it down?


Two Faces Of Passion

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This is a nice cover, with some great artwork by Ray Johnson, but the text is what really makes it awesome!

They were sisters, identical, breathtakingly lovely. Meet Kit, who would follow a man to heaven… and Theona, whose unholy passions would drag him into hell!

Then Meet The Man They Both Wanted… Wanted Badly Enough To Share—Without His Knowledge!

The Shocking Story Of One Man Shared By Two Sisters!

From the back cover:

Strange Sisterhood

They were two exquisitely lovely sisters, twins, perfectly alike in their blonde and bosomy beauty. Yet any man who knew them both in their intimate moments would find them as different as night and day. Brill O’Hearn was such a man. He learned that Kit Durand was warm, yielding, a girl in whom passion ran so strongly it flared in spontaneous combustion. But Theona was something else. She was just as warm, just as provocative—but she was also wanton and cruel. For Theona has strangely abnormal desires…

Brill, like other men—and girls—discovered that Theona could find completeness in love only by giving hurt, by drawing blood, by inflicting pain. He thought he wanted Kit, yet Theona swore to possess him for her own cruelties… and how could he be sure that she was not the one he craved? After all, the girls looked exactly alike.

And so sprang up between the sisters a bitter rivalry, a wild competition for the same man. So intense was the competition that at one point Theona tried to make Brill think her body was Kit’s body. By this means she meant to win him—in order to crush him, beat him, make him a sexual plaything… as she had made so many others…

A Novel Wholly Compelling And Utterly Different… Treating Frankly Of A Subject Rarely Discussed!

This entire book can be downloaded here

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Suburbia: Jungle of Sex

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To Candy Williams Life In The Country Meant Money — Liquor — And Lust…

What is a wife to do when her husband boasts of seducing her friend… and she suspects her teen-age son of following in his father’s bedroom slippers!

From the back:

Love? Honor? And BREAK EVERY VOW?
Can a modern family stand the pressures—an freedoms—of life in the suburbs where illicit relations are becoming the pattern of the day, and night? Worse, what if teenagers out-strip their parents in sin?
After her husband boasted of seducing her best friend, beautiful Candy Williams was faced by a question increasingly common in suburbia: What happened next, to her home… to her son?
And when her husband skipped town she had another big question: How should she treat Ellen Crowley’ who had a strange desire for her?
A third question really staggered her: Was her teenage son having an affair with a young married neighbor?
Sometimes there is no waiting for answers, not when your home is on fire from basement to bedroom!
A probing story of degenerating moral values that carry “togetherness” too far




He Was Addicted To Good Liquor, A Good Time, And Women — Good Or Bad


The Motel

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1961 Beacon Books
1961 Beacon Books Back

“Vacancy” — So Read The Blinking Neon — And There Was Always Room For One More Couple!

It was a good motel… a wayside stop for girls like Emily, who plugged the gap in her marriage with any man who came along.


Love In Suburbia


They spiced their lives with other men’s wives

Such poetry!


An Earth Man on Venus (Original Title: The Radio Man)

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Trapped On A Planet of Peril, He Dared Challenge Its Monster Ruler

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Rage To Love (Original Title: The Fortunate Man)

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He Used Women To Get What He Wanted


Mr. Trouble


Leora Gave A Man Heaven — And Hell

Cover was reused for Excelsior!