Office Sinner / Blonde Hellcat

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Cameo Books Issue #368 1957

This painting was published twice as a digest cover for Cameo books, first as Office Sinner by Gene Harvey (Cameo books #334, 1953):

The frank story of a young girl who works in an office… side by side with men 

and then again one year later as Blonde Hellcat by Arthur Marin (Cameo books #368, 1954):

She was ambitious, passionate and jealous – of her own mother

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City Hotel

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Women And Men, Passion And Greed, Desire And Ambition Pour Through The… City Hotel

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Runaway Girl

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A Shocking Story Of Wayward Teen-Agers
A story of today’s restless teen-age girls who seek thrills in the big cities

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Restless Are the Sails

Perma Books P188 1952

Her love was wild, reckless and exotic — hard to refuse and dangerous to accept

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April Snow

Pocket Books No. 994, 1954

The deeply moving story of a courageous wife — a novel that will tug at your heartstrings


Visiting Nurse

Original Novels No. 727, 1953

The Intimate Story of an Angel of the Slums

He is looking to cheat on his wheelchair-bound wife with her home nurse. Classy.


Runaway Lovers

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Venus Book #149 1952
Venus Book - No 149 - Peggy Gaddis - 1952

Their Flaming Love Defied the Man-Made Rules!

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My Love Must Wait

Perma Books P-247 (Sept., 1953).  Cover Art by Ray Pease

A brutal story of strange adventure on an unknown continent

When Matthew Flinders, the first man to chart and circumnavigate Australia, set sail from England in July 1801, he left behind the intrigues of his homeland but also his young bride of only a few weeks, Ann Chappell. He didn’t see her again for more than nine years. During that time he carried out incredible feats of seamanship and navigation, made the first charts of much of the coastline of Australia, and was shipwrecked and later held prisoner by the French on Mauritius.

Meticulously researched and written with great insight and sensitivity, My Love Must Wait is both a tender portrayal of faithful devotion, and a stirring re-creation of the courage and endurance of one of history′s greatest seamen.


Ward Nurse (Original Title: Born To Be Bad)

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Star Novels 768 1957
Affairs Of A Ward Nurse

The Story of a Young Nurse in a Male Ward

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