Borrowed Ecstasy

Carnival Books Digest #904 1952 thumbnail
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Carnival Books Digest #904 1952
Carnival Books No. 904 1953

He Was Another Woman’s Man… But She Was Willing To Play

Cover was reused from Young Passion

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Searching for lost gold, they found a far richer treasure


Ward Nurse (Original Title: Born To Be Bad)

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Star Novels 768 1957
Affairs Of A Ward Nurse

The Story of a Young Nurse in a Male Ward

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The Beach House

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Popular Library SP101 1961

Mollie Lived And Loved As She Pleased

A Reckless Blonde In A Wide-Open Town

From the back:

Anything Goes

That was Mollie Binning’s motto in life. At 13 she was a blonde trouble maker in Mrs. Baker’s School for Young Ladies. At 15 she had become a lush package. At 16, she had already married two men and left them both. By the time she was 18 she knew what she wanted out of life. And what she wanted was Mike Zelsmith fabulously successful Hollywood producer. Before she was finished with him his marriage went on the rocks. And in the stormy interlude that followed she loved and schemed her way to stardom!

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The Captain’s Lady (1953)

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The Story Of A Girl Who Wasn’t Nice

And earlier, infinitely better cover for this book is here.


I’ll Get You Yet

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All She Had To Offer Was Trouble

From the back:

Sold Into Vice
The pretty girl reporter Steve Ashe pulled from the wrecked car was more than a crash victim. She’d been savagely beaten by hoodlums.
And when she told him The Syndicate was holding her younger sister in the vice racket, Steve set out on a reckless mission, to smash the most vicious mob west of Chicago.


Baby Sitter

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44704770-128 Albert L Qandt Baby Sitter Original Novels052[1]

A Shocking Story of Teen-agers in Search of Secret Thrills!

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Young Sinner


A fisherman’s daughter changes from girl to woman in one flaming hour of unforgettable passion…


The Image And The Search


A Woman’s Tormented Quest For Love



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Popular Library 1529 (August, 1954). Second Printing.

Her Color Was No Barrier – To Men

From the back:

Sultry And Sophisticated

In the stifling heat and melting nights of the tropics, love comes naturally to Pierre, the exiled Frenchman, and Liana, native wife of the richest man on the island. In a realistic analysis of a woman’s degradation, this novel handles a delicate subject with frankness and power.

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That Girl on the River

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She Was An Untamed Wilderness Wench