Love Failure Can Be Cured

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Real Men May 1965 thumbnail
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Real Men May 1965

… by throwing the witness out of an airplane over Nazi Germany.

Also includes The Jap Side Of Guadalcanal: Slaughterhouse in the South Pacific, Sex Pills To Make You Twice The Man You Are!, and Warning To Every Man In America: Never Trick A Vice Girl


The Death’s Head Treasure And The Istanbul Blonde

Real Men May 1966

Also, The Snake-Killer Raiders Of The Burma Border! and Three Sisters Explain Why “We Swap Husbands Once A Week!”


You’ve Got The Map To An $8,700,000 Treasure…

Real Men July 1966

So Hand It Over Or You’re Dead

Also featuring Revenge For The Massacre At Coger’s Hill, The Fighting Frauleins Of Schwandorf Forest!, Dead Men For A Belly Dancer Spy, and The Headhunters Took My Woman!


The Squad Of Prostitutes Who Tried To Love An Army To Death

Real Men July 1966

Also featuring The Sex Technique Women Secretly Desire, Night Of Blood (On The Killing Grounds Of Makin), The “House Of Any Sin”, and Terror Burns In The Night!


I Lived On Human Flesh

Real Men February 1962

Also featuring Drive-In For Sex!, Wife-Swapping (Favorite Parlor Game for Bored Suburbanites) and The Monster Was Soaked In Blood!


The Man-Hating Nymphomaniac Who Spied For Kicks

Real Men July 1968

Also featuring The Sex Town Where All The Loving Is For Free!, Are You Man Enough To Keep Your Woman Satisfied In Bed? and No Time To Scream, No Time To Run… Flash Fire


The Hellcat Mayor of Little Bear-Skin

Real Men June 1959

In The Wildest Town Of The Arctic She Ruled With Girls And Gold

Also featuring Slave To 100 Junge Brides


My Cargo: 23 Doxies For The Girl Hungry Men Of The Yukon

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Real Men from November 1958 thumbnail
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Real Men from November 1958
Real Men November 1958 (1)
Real Men November 1958 (2)

Also featuring The City That Was Too Sinful To Live!


The Private Torture Slaves Of Reinhard Heydrich

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Battle Cry January 1968 thumbnail
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Battle Cry January 1968
Real Men November 1964

Also includes,

The Blood-Soaked Queen Of Buchenwald, Hitler’s Human Guinea Pigs, Horror Was My Business, Joseph Goebbels: Ink-stained killer of the Third Reich

The Man Who Taught The Nazis How To Torture!, How You Can Have All The Sex You Can Handle!, Vice Is My Business,

Husband Swapping is Fun, The Strange World of The Pain Lovers, Spies — Sex — Sadism: The Death-Caves of Malta, and $9,000,000 Treasure of the Nude of Casablanca

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Swinging Resorts Where Studs And Nymphs Work To Wear Each Other Down!

Real Men September 1973

Also featuring Super-Sex: American Men With Two “Wives” To Bed Down! and Girls, Kidnaped In Europe, Sold As Slaves To The Brothels Of The East


Masters Of Murder

Real Men February 1961

Also featuring Call Girl Traitors Of Berlin and Sex For Sale


We Found The Treasure Of The Killer Of Algiers!


Also featuring We Tried Mate-Exchange!, Destroy Rommel’s Fuel Drums — And Then Get Out If You Can!, The Artist Who Needed Discipline For Inspiration!, and Last Run Of The Leipzig Local!


I’m Next On The Mafia List

Real Men July 1959

Also, Lolita — her body was the prize for the man who won The Battle Of The Mechanical Monsters