Three Musketeers and a Lady

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A Branded Beauty’s Search For Love

From the back:

“I’ll make the mark so deep that you can never get it off — in this world or the next…”

Woven into the adventurous, action-packed fabric of immortal d’Artagnon and his daring swordsmen comes the new and absorbing Tiffany Thayer saga of strange, seductive Milady de Winter, a branded beauty living beyond 17th century conventions; a hotblooded hussy inescapably at the whim of her own unquenchable desires; a woman-forever seeking surcease…

Here is the court of Louis XIII — all the riotous color, swash buckling pageantry, and keen swordplay of a, Dumas story with Tiffany Thayer’s new and unusual understanding of a woman’s soul-and body; when slim steel held the key to survival by day and Milady’s lush charms gave completion by night…

Here are all the attractions and antagonisms of exotic adventure — England versus France, rags versus riches, convent versus bagnio, gallants and their courtesans-all brought alive by the warm strokes of a knowing story-teller.

Cover was partially reused for Forever Amber


This Can Happen To You!


If you actually turn to page 98, you will find this headline:

This month’s cover painting is an illustrated statistic. Driving 30 miles an hour is as dangerous as driving on the roof of a high building! If you hit another car head on going at the same “safe” speed, it would be like driving off a nine-story building.