The Wanton Wench

Playtime 656 1963

She looked beautiful… this she-devil with a whore’s heart in an angel’s body!


Call Box

Playtime 658 1964

Sex is a service too, and the kind Mike gives should be burned, not written on the hotel time sheet!


Harvest Harlots

Playtime 701-S 1964

The lost, the lonely, the lustful… these were women who labored in any man’s field — in any man’s bed


Jambalaya Loverman

Newsstand Library U-175

His life was intertwined with lust, murder, destruction, and a half-million dollars


Lesbian Queen

1964 Playtime #682S

Crowned campus queen, she chose to rule a small, hot female realm of off-beat lust


Love Is A Gentle Whip


Lust, Murder And Mystery In A Latin Beat


Female Seducer

Merit_621 1962

She discovered the thrills of sex, and she couldn’t get enough!


Time For Loving

Merit Book 644 1962

I wanted to drive everything out of his mind except me. I taunted him and teased him with my body until he was shaking!


Julie (1963)

Merit_407 1963

She had only her voluptuous body to help her get out of this perverted situation, and now if she used it she faces possible death!


The Resident Physician

Medical Fiction 203 1963

A hospital like its patients can sicken and die… it would be a life and death battle to save this one.