Wantons On Wheels

Candid Reader CA967 1969

She learned about lust in the roller game!

From the back:

Vivian was the new girl on the roller derby team. Fresh from the country, she hungered for the excitement only the big city could offer. And she found it — on the track, and in the bed of almost every member of the team.


The Far Out Ones

Playtime 650 1963 thumbnail
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Playtime 650 1963

9 to 5 at the office wasn’t for her… not when belly dancing could shimmy her into the big time

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The Wanton Wench

Playtime 656 1963

She looked beautiful… this she-devil with a whore’s heart in an angel’s body!


Call Box

Playtime 658 1964

Sex is a service too, and the kind Mike gives should be burned, not written on the hotel time sheet!


Harvest Harlots

Playtime 701-S 1964

The lost, the lonely, the lustful… these were women who labored in any man’s field — in any man’s bed


Jambalaya Loverman

Newsstand Library U-175

His life was intertwined with lust, murder, destruction, and a half-million dollars


Lesbian Queen

1964 Playtime #682S

Crowned campus queen, she chose to rule a small, hot female realm of off-beat lust


Love Is A Gentle Whip


Lust, Murder And Mystery In A Latin Beat


Female Seducer

Merit_621 1962

She discovered the thrills of sex, and she couldn’t get enough!


Time For Loving

Merit Book 644 1962

I wanted to drive everything out of his mind except me. I taunted him and teased him with my body until he was shaking!


Julie (1963)

Merit_407 1963

She had only her voluptuous body to help her get out of this perverted situation, and now if she used it she faces possible death!