Body Heat


Wherever The Sexed-Up Little Broad Went, That’s Where The Action Was

This looks a lot like Bonfils‘ cover for The Far Out Ones


Agreement to Love


They had a strange pact… to love others in order to keep their marriage alive!


Sex Tiger

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Bachelor Books 509 1966 thumbnail
Bachelor Books 509 1966

You Can Get A Lot Of Mattress Mileage From A Babe With A Tiger In Her Tank

60 Percent of the Time, It Works Every Time! Cover reworked from Wife and Harlot

From the back:

Willa Couldn’t Count The Men She’d Had, But The More She Go, The More She Wanted

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Mr. Madam

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Newsstand Library 151 1961 thumbnail
Newsstand Library 151 1961

Kitty Owned The Show… And He Was Only Too Glad To Play…

From the back:

Kitty was a glamour queen, easy on the eyes, easy to get along with, easy to take. Eve had spelled it out for me, right at the beginning. “Kitty,” she said carefully, “is a wolverine. A wolverine is a mammal, or a mama, so called because of its wolfish qualities.”

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Diploma of Passion


Lusty and bold… the sex-filled world of the college campus.

From the back:

The twilight world of the girl’s dorm held new wonders for the coed, whose extra-curricular activities were rewarded with a Diploma Of Passion

In a movement that bespoke surrender, Nancy dropped her hands to her sides as Grace moved against her. “Don’t move, baby! Don’t move,” Grace breathed as she cupped Nancy’s full, large breasts in her hands.

Nancy was breathing heavily, her mouth open. She leaned forward against Grace. The tall brunette pulled the blonde to her and ran her hands down Nancy’s back until she came to panties — then with a swift, tearing motion she stripped them from her body and the two girls stood naked, both breathing hard. Their eyes filled with wonder…

She snuggled up close to him and acquiesced as he fondled her once more. She wanted him to have her and her grip was almost brutal as she pulled him toward her. When she didn’t remove her under-clothes, he ripped them from her. She was glad. For a fleeting moment she wondered if she liked his primitive, rough love-making better than a careful, methodical seduction. But almost instantly she forgot her other lovers as Paul continued his brutish love-making. “He’s going to kill me,” she thought wildly, but she was enjoying it too much to try to stop him. Finally, they met in a last shudder of ecstasy, and then both lay still.


Portrait of Torment

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Newsstand Library U-163

His World Of Love Swirled In a Dream of Colors Mingled with the Taste of Blood

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Passion Limbo


Wantons Enticing Men Into Shameless — Passion Limbo


The Wanton One

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Newsstand Library #U133, 1960

She made it her business to get what she wanted… and she never stopped wanting

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The Jaded Sex


Her vague sexual invitation was accepted and her jaded appetite appeased

Five People Responded… And Lived Through The Wildest Orgy Of Their Lives!


Sweet Slut

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Can A Prostitute Be A Good Wife?
Janice thought so and she proved it, in and out of bed.

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The Wife Traders (1959)


Sex in the suburbs was a community affair… until swapping mates becomes a matter of love — or death!

Not the same as this book of the same title.


Amorous Dietitian

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The hungry search that men make for a woman. The hungry search that women make for a man. The tasting, trying, discarding, lonely search. Nurses, doctors, dietitians, everybody searches.

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She could switch her current to either sex, but the result was always the same, a sizzling charge of hot and heady lust.


Any Man’s Playmate


The Most Delightfully Shocking Story You’ve Ever Read!