The Damned Lovely

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A priest… a cop… and a killer. When a prominent rabbi is found stabbed to death in a filthy little oil town…

When a dishonest police captain pins the rap on an innocent bystander…

When an enticing blonde, who knows too much, is taken for a ride…

It’s time for genial, two-fisted Father Shanley and rugged Police Detective Sammy Golden to join forces and clean out a rat hole of vice and murder.

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She Wouldn’t Surrender

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The Wild Days and Nights of Belle Boyd — The Notorious Confederate Spy

This entire book can be read online here

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The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah

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Signet 1399 Paperback Original (March, 1957). Cover by Robert Maguire

Passions and Debauchery Explode in History’s Most Wicked City

Shouldn’t that be “cities”?


Night Nurse

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She was lovely and warm — just what the patients needed!

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Rasputin: The Mad Monk


The Extraordinary Story Of A Religious Fanatic Who Changed The Course Of History


Black Opium

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The shocking ecstasy of the forbidden

From the back:

The world of BLACK OPIUM is a forbidden world where human bodies find them-selves possessed and driven by desires which consume them in the flames of hot-blooded ecstasy . . .
Here is a world of torture and torment, filled with the fantastically erotic shapes of the living nightmares of depraved love —a book that will astound you with its frank revelations of vice and corruption

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Sex Fiend

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MONARCH MB511 1961

A doctor’s realistic report on the darker side of love and sexual impulses gone wild

From the back:

In a frighteningly large number of people, the sexual impulse does not receive healthy gratification. It is channeled into other. darker pathways, to become a compulsive force that can transform human beings into monsters. Hiding behind a placid smile, the sexual deviate may become so warped that murder enhances his enjoyment of. and sometimes becomes the substitute for, the act of love.
In this compelling study. Dr. Woodward examines, via minutely fleshed-out case histories. convicted criminals whose misdeeds arose out of the tortured convolutions of their sexual needs.

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