The Knife Slipped


Lost for more than 75 years, this was meant to be the second Cool and Lam book but got shelved when Gardner’s publisher objected to (among other things) Bertha Cool’s tendency to “talk tough, swear, smoke cigarettes, and try to gyp people.” The cover is a brand new painting by Robert McGinnis of modern-day pin-up icon Dita von Teese

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Merchants of Venus


Run with the wild ones in a wilderness of flesh — where love is purely sex, where a week-end orgy is just good clean fun, where the closest thing to home is the embrace of a stranger


North Beach Girl

North Beach Girl. Gold Medal s1000, 1960

Where did she belong, this kid called Erin? What did she want? Was it what Bruno had to offer? The casual kicks of San Francisco’s Beatnik underworld…


A Redhead For Mike Shayne


Miami Goes On Red Alert When Mike Shayne Meets A Flaming-Haired Reporter — With Ideas To Match


The White Bikini

Signet D3810

Private Eye Rick Holman zeros in on a Hollywood movie colony… as he tries to find out why a babe built for love ends up lonely… and dead!


The Corpse

Signet D2714 1958

She was a well-stacked blonde who ran a jive joint that specialized in cool jazz — and hot corpses


The Coven


Rick Holman joins a coven of swinging Hollywood Satanists and find himself in a witches’ brew that leads from magic to orgies to murder!


The Wrong Ones

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Wanda had never been a good girl — but just how bad was she?

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Nymph To The Slaughter (1971)


She was a beautiful belly dancer and her swinging ways nearly send Danny Boyd to an early grave!


Nymph To The Slaughter

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She was a beautiful belly dancer and her swinging ways nearly send Danny Boyd to an early grave!

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He and She

Avon Books G-1078 1960

Theirs Was A Mixed Marriage, He Conservative, Ivy League, Protestant, And She Liberal, Beautiful, Jewish