Tahiti – Where My Dreams Came True

Adventure December 1964

It’s a magical place.


Margin For Terror


“I love the spotlight,” said the would-be actress, “but right now let’s work in the dark…”


Rescued By The Queen Of Pearls

Adventure August 1965 thumbnail
August 1965 Adventure thumbnail
Adventure August 1965 thumbnail
Adventure August 1965
August 1965 Adventure
Adventure August 1965

Also Hitler Is Alive! and Treasure In Israel!

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Rescued By The Treasure Queen

Adventure, June 1965 thumbnail
ADVENTURE June 1965 141-5 thumbnail
Adventure, June 1965 thumbnail
Adventure, June 1965
ADVENTURE June 1965 141-5
Adventure, June 1965

Also featuring Paradise for Bikini Watchers, Nazi Treasure Secrets, and Should We Legalize Marijuana?

An earlier, lower-res version of this cover was one of the very first I posted, back in December 2010.


Stacked Deck

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44704434-Stacked Deck[1] thumbnail
44704434-Stacked Deck[1]

Johnny Liddell is dealt a hand of cold corpses and warm redheads.

Sizzling cases of private-eye Johnny Liddell who has a passion for redheads and a talent for trouble.

Both versions of this cover manage to squeeze in the fact that Johnny likes redheads.

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Wanted: A Mate For The Jaguar Princess

Adventure Magazine April 1965 thumbnail
Adventure April 1965 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine April 1965
Adventure April 1965

Also featuring Irish Soldiers Never Say Die, Treasure In Your Backyard and Adventure On A Shoestring


Red Hot Ice

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She was an alcoholic blonde with a load of hot diamonds — a set-up for murder on the rocks

“If it weren’t for people like me,” the blonde told Liddell, “you wouldn’t have as much fun peeping through keyholes.”

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