Campus Chippies

1964, Playtime 677

It was college rutting season, and he was about to set a record for shack-time


Campus Tramp

1959 Nightstand  NB-1505 thumbnail
Nightstand Book # NB1505, 1959 thumbnail
1959 Nightstand  NB-1505
Nightstand Book # NB1505, 1959

One Passion-Soaked Night Turned Her Into The — Campus Tramp
Illicit passions gave Linda a scarlet reputation


April North

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Beacon Books - B456F Al Rossi
1965 beacon #B-801X

She meant to say “NO”…

The Tragedy Of Our High Schools — Where The Kids Too Often Catch Up With Their Fast-Living Elders!

After that first experience, they called her “easy”… and that was what she was to the small-town sexpack — whose country club set gave a postgraduate course in lust… before she was through high-school

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Sin School

Midwood #66 1959

Every student majored in Sex and Vice

What The Students Learned In This School Of Hell No Book Ever Taught!

Obviously, this copywriter had never seen the Kama Sutra.


Fraternity Pet

Midwood 34956 1968 thumbnail
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Midwood 34956 1968

Charlene was turned loose in a fraternity house filled with sex-hungry boys

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The Sin Tutor


The young girls in his class obeyed Adam’s every whim in order to please him. He didn’t realize the trouble they could cause him — until too late!


The Disguises Of Love


He was Middle-aged and Married — but He Fell in Love with his Pretty Student!


Dormitory Women (1951)

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Lion 216 1955 thumbnail
44705358-122 R V Cassil Dormitory  Women Lion054[1]
Lion 216 1955

An Explosive Novel Of Sex On The Campus

From the back:

She wanted desperately to be like the other girls . . . but inside her was a while-hot flame of fear and desire — and the memory of the man who had come to her in the barn. And so Millie Doran hid the bright blaze of hunger that lurked behind her eyes, hid the wild turmoil in her breast. Then one night it sprang lorth, her fierce craving, and she face to face with the grotesque images of her mind that kept whispering her on and on and on...

Maguire’s 1959 cover can be seen here.


Night School

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In this class, the students taught the professor…

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Suburban High School

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In these plush classrooms teenagers studied the 3 S’ — Scandal, Sin, and Sex!