After Class


It was a new twist on an age-old racket… from classroom to hotel room… and she was part of it… the most important part!


The Strange Co-ed (Original Title: Co-ed Sinners)


The scandal that rocked the campus

Here is the same book published as Co-ed Sinners


Dormitory Doll


Sex goes on the program when call girl Janet is smuggled into college

Do you remember the days when you had to sneak hookers onto campus to get laid, because college girls were so uptight?

Neither do I.


Confessions Of A Wild Co-ed (Original Title: Girl-Crazy Professor)



Teach Me To Love!


“I didn’t come here to study anthropology,” the girl whispered huskily to the young college professor.

A pipe in his mouth — a book under his arm — hate in his heart for being overworked, underpaid and under-loved… He was a menace to every girl on campus!

A novel that lashes out boldly on the subject of the faculty Romeo


Campus Call Girl

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The shocking story of a coed who turned love into big business


Scandal High

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Beacon Books B351

The thrill wore off… the disgrace never did…!

High-School Kids On A Rampage, Taking Post-Graduate Courses In Sex… Before The Ink Is Dry On Their Diplomas! A Novel Every Parent Must Read!

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The Sorority

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It was organized to snare husbands. And they used the oldest system in the world

A merciless novel about college girls and their extra-curricular love affairs


The Co-Eds

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A scathing novel of loose morals in our suburban schools!


Private Party

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No one at school realized they were more than just roommates… no one suspected what took place once their door was locked.


Harling College


The most provocative and challenging novel on campus sex practices since The Harrad Experiment


Campus Nymphs

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The wild co-eds started a new variation of “The World’s Oldest Profession”

A sensational novel about the plush eastern college that became a school for sex

From the back:

“Virgins Need Not Apply”
That was the first lesson that sultry, over-sexed Lila McKee learned from Professor Reese Butler, when he used her to spice his marital love-life. She passed the lesson along to several of her classmates, including boy-shy Susan Wright and football hero Big John Kalowsky.
These fraternity frolics explode into the full-fledged scandal of Polly Nichols, the teen-aged “semi-pro.” Suddenly, faculty, students and wives are shocked into seeing the ivy-league orgy that has captured everyone.
Extra money for students…neglect for professors…fast cars and pleasure-mad youngsters. Is today’s trend turning our colleges into high-class brothels? No newspaper exposé or television documentary could dare bring you the sizzling story of… CAMPUS NYMPHS

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Campus Kittens

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Midwood 32-417 1964 thumbnail
Midwood 32-417 1964

A blushing expose of the strange activities taking place behind the locked doors of our once-respectable collegiate sorority houses.

From the back:

Three Of A Kind

Nadine: her parents’ divorce set her off on a spiteful sexual spree that ended with her being caught in a motel with a married man at the worst possible moment.

Andrea: receiving her elementary education at the hands of her roommate, she decided to take an advanced course under the personal tutoring of her female professor.

Myra: she was willing to do anything necessary to trap her rich young boyfriend into marriage, even allowing him to share her with his college chums.

Each came to college for knowledge… and the first thing they learned was that there were certain advantages in sharing a room with two other restless and reckless young girls.

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