Very Private Secretary

Very Private Secretary, paperback digest cover, 1952 thumbnail
Intimate Novel 26, 1952 thumbnail
Very Private Secretary, paperback digest cover, 1952
Intimate Novel 26, 1952

An intimately revealing story of a man with an unfaithful wife and an affectionate, warm-blooded secretary.

This painting was later used for The Private Pleasures of Mary Linton. This book was later republished by Beacon

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On Company Time

Midwood 33-730 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 33-730 1966 back thumbnail
Midwood 33-730 1966
Midwood 33-730 1966 back

Robin found an exciting job in the big city!

From the back:

Robin was too hip not to realize that she had been hired for her stunning looks as much as for her typing ability. And although she was still inexperienced she knew that she would be charmed and pleased if he made a play for her. This is the penetrating story of what happened when Robin’s most exciting expectations were fulfilled.


Bold and Brazen / Private Secretary

Midwood 34-624 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 34-624 1966 Back thumbnail
Midwood 34-624 1966
Midwood 34-624 1966 Back

Cover swiped from Illicit Interlude


Office Sinner / Blonde Hellcat

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Cameo Books Issue #368 1957 thumbnail
Cameo Books Issue #368 1957

This painting was published twice as a digest cover for Cameo books, first as Office Sinner by Gene Harvey (Cameo books #334, 1953):

The frank story of a young girl who works in an office… side by side with men 

and then again one year later as Blonde Hellcat by Arthur Marin (Cameo books #368, 1954):

She was ambitious, passionate and jealous – of her own mother

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Bold Desires


Refused by his wife, Harry felt his desires were undeniable, however timid or bold they might be.


Young Secretary

Venus Books No 167, 1954

She Learned about Life and Love in an Office

Cover reused from No Time For Marriage


The Very Private Secretary

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Sally loved her job — and her tough, crusading boss. She was determined to protect him. She just didn’t know how vicious his enemies were!

From the back:

Sally went to work for Brian Barton, the dedicated consumer advocate, with stars in her eyes. To her, he was the finest man in the world, even if he was too wound up in his work to give her all the love she wanted. She learned, too late, that Brian had powerful, implacable enemies who would do anything they could to ruin him… And that they would use her as their totally helpless weapon!

Cover swiped from Divorce Bait


Office Game

Beacon F477Y

Jim Manning’s pretty secretaries had to play the game to keep their jobs. Then Cute Ann Lincoln took over — and wanted even more than Jim could handle!


No Time For Marriage

Venus books 119 1951

When A One-Man Woman Plays The Field…

I love that he has a pin-up girl on his necktie.


Sin Now, Pay Later

Midwood 32-867 1967

Lusting for money and power they used sex — any kind of sex — to claw their way to the top.


Take A Murder, Darling (1962)


Man, oh, man, she was slaying me, inch by inch — smile by smile!