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Adult Book AB410 1967 thumbnail
Adult Books 410 1967 thumbnail
Adult Book AB410 1967
Adult Books 410 1967

The Executive Suite’s Executive Sweetie!

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Passionately Yours, Eve

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Midwood F185 1962
Midwood #F185 1962

She had an unusual job — private secretary at a motel for drive-in sin.

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Office Playgirl

Newsstand Library #511 1960 thumbnail
Newsstand Library NL511 1960 thumbnail
Newsstand Library #511 1960
Newsstand Library NL511 1960

She wanted all the fancy things money could buy — and she was willing to pay the price

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Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary

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Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary

Her soul was pure. Her desires were sinful. Her typing was impeccable.


The Private Pleasures Of Mary Linton (1967)


There is always room at the top for career girls like Mary who buy success with their bodies


Office Wife (1960)

Office Wife, paperback cover, 1960 thumbnail
Office Wife by Richard Grant, Beacon Books 335, 1960 thumbnail
Office Wife, paperback cover, 1960
Office Wife by Richard Grant, Beacon Books 335, 1960

Her boss believed in taking liberties!
A Candid Story Of Two-Timing — And Pleasure Before Business!


Bachelor Girl

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Beacon Books B583F 1963 thumbnail
Beacon Books B583F 1963

“Without clothes you don’t look like a secretary,” he whispered. But he was wrong. In her circle, it was the proper “uniform” for an ambitious career girl…

This is a biting book. In its sizzling pages, every career girl will recognize herself — or someone she knows!

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Opium Smugglers of Venus

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Also featuring Bandits of the Starways, and Trail to the Asteroid Hideout

This complete issue can be downloaded here

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The Office Couch

1962 Beacon B498F

Dave Collins thought he knew the angles… until Lila showed him a new twist on The Office Couch

What goes on behind the paneled doors of the executive suite? This Novel Dares To Tell The Truth!


Take A Murder, Darling (McGinnis)

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Take A Murder, Darling


Man, oh, man, she was slaying me, inch by inch — smile by smile!


The Wire God


He Stole Other Men’s Jobs — And Women


The Price is Right (1952)

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Avon Paperback-1952 thumbnail
Avon Paperback-1952

“Remember what happened when you told him he couldn’t put a zipper on Letta’s brassiere?”

Good times!

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