Always Say Yes / A Sure Thing

Midwood 34-814 1967

How young women rise in the world of big business!


Resort Secretary

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Even before she got on the staff Eve knew she would be taking more than dictation

From the back:

Season Of Sin
Eve could never say she didn’t know what she was letting herself in for when she took the job as private secretary to the lecherous owner of a pleasure resort — he had made a pass at her before she was hired. But Eve was in trouble and needed the job regardless of the risk. Between her boss and Cliff and Doug she sometimes did not know which end was up, but she managed to ride out the season.
Life behind the scenes of a pleasure resort where the staff played harder than the guests.


Temporary Secretary


She worked in a different office and for a different man every day… but her routine was always the same!

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Nine To Five


She was an expense account item, a very private secretary with a very special talent

From the back:

Long-legged, sleek-bodied, cold-eyed, they came to the big city in search of success. Ready, willing and able to pay the price, they plunged into the world of glamour and greed, a world where no holds were barred and where only the strongest of the species survived. They climbed the ladder any way they could and the higher their ambitions, the lower their morals. A new man in an executive office was a new challenge, a new opportunity, a new affair. Whatever was asked, they gave… whatever it took, they had… whatever they wanted, they got.


Horizontal Secretary / Private Lessons

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She did her best work after five

From the back:

Ellie had a motto, “No ring—no sex.” Then one night as she stood naked before her mirror, she said to herself, “How many more years will I keep this beauty? Why save myself until no one wants me?” She started with the men at the office and soon found that sex talent could open many doors for advancement where other talents failed. As Ellie worked her way to the top her interest in wedding rings withered as her taste for sex ripened. Ellie lived by a new motto, “I’ll be good tomorrow.”

Rader would change his Horizontal Secretary to a school teacher for Private Lessons.

Joey was just a student, but he wasn’t too young for the Private Lessons his gorgeous teacher gave after school was out!

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Fringe Benefits

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Midwood F278
Midwood Books F278 - Rock Anthony - Fringe Benefits

Take girls in tight skirts and loose morals and plenty of overtime – the result is… Fringe Benefits

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The Swap Specialist

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Adult Book AB410 1967
Adult Books 410 1967

The Executive Suite’s Executive Sweetie!

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Passionately Yours, Eve

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Midwood F185 1962
Midwood #F185 1962

She had an unusual job — private secretary at a motel for drive-in sin.

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Office Playgirl

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Newsstand Library #511 1960
Newsstand Library NL511 1960

She wanted all the fancy things money could buy — and she was willing to pay the price

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Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary

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Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary

Her soul was pure. Her desires were sinful. Her typing was impeccable.


The Private Pleasures Of Mary Linton (1967)


There is always room at the top for career girls like Mary who buy success with their bodies


Office Wife (1960)

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Office Wife by Richard Grant, Beacon Books 335, 1960 thumbnail
Office Wife, paperback cover, 1960
Office Wife by Richard Grant, Beacon Books 335, 1960

Her boss believed in taking liberties!
A Candid Story Of Two-Timing — And Pleasure Before Business!