Patriot’s’ Death Battalion

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Operator #5 August 1936

America, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River, has been washed in blood by the ruthless war hordes of the invader, Rudolph I. On the banks of the mighty Father of Waters the American people, poorly armed, ragged and desperate, are making a last stand. But as rumors reach them of the bloody slaughter in the east, as the heavens fill swiftly with enemy planes, and they sense the insidious treachery developing among their own military leaders, their grim courage begins to weaken. Their only hopes lie in Operator 5 — and he, a victim of internal treachery, has disappeared!

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March Of The Flame Marauders (1966)

Corinth Suspense Novels #CR-144 1966

The original 1935 printing of this story is here


Winged Hordes of the Yellow Vulture

Operator #5 May 1939

Over America’s great West swept the eerie death-clouds that had been loosed by an incredible invasion of Asiatic robots! With our helpless citizens overwhelmed by this inhuman leper-scourge, Operator #5 made one final stand for a country already everlastingly damned!


Master of Broken Men

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Operator 5 #4 Master of Broken Men
Operator 5 #4 Master of Broken Men Back

From the back:

A Mysterious Madman Was Crippling The Minds Of The Nation’s Great Leaders
spiriting them away under the cover of grim massacres perpetrated by his hordes of near-naked black storm troops, returning them as dispirited, deranged hulks. To America’s intelligence ace, Operator 5, the mad man breaker flung his diabolical challenge, and as they locked in epic combat, a great society’s fate hung in the balance!


Blood Reign Of The Dictator (1966)


He might want to move his hand before he pulls that rope.


The Suicide Battalion


From Canada had come the false feint at America’s great steel-armored line that warned Operator #5 that to save his country from the most astounding invasion in history, he and his picked aides must cross the sea to fight a desperate undercover battle with the three bandit nations of the Old World!


The Day Of The Damned


Along the Border massed the mighty army that was to invade America from the Southwest. Here Operator #5 met the threat from Mexico, instigated by the evil powers of Europe and the Orient, rallying his desperate countrymen once more on the soil of Texas with the old, historic battle-cry — “Remember the Alamo!”


The Siege That Brought The Black Death


Against Mongol hordes and Purple Squadrons, Operator #5 and his fighting patriots had battled through New York’s long, grim siege — until the Black Plague of medieval Europe fell upon them!


The Army Without A Country

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Operator #5 September 1937

A war-torn, crumbling nation rallies itself to meet the last grim challenge of the Purple Invaders — while civilization crumbles about the defenders’ heads!

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Patriots’ Death March


Operator #5 starts his grim march through Purple Empire territory to bring guns and ammunitions to our crumbling defenses in the West!


Invasion From The Sky

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Operator 5, March-April 1939

Out of the sky, itself, came the giant airships with the strange armor-plated men who descended upon our eastern seaboard — to hold America in the ruthless grip of the most astounding invasion that the world had ever seen!

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