The Hunt Club

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Pyramid Books R-1094, 1964

Manhunt in Munich — and a race with death for master spy John Keith

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Kiss The Tiger


A continent in flames – a fortune in gold – two desirable women – combine to make the most dangerous job of all for undercover agent Quinn Leland.


The Chic Chick Spy


This is the most absurd book you will read this year. Absolutely nothing in it is true, realistic or possible (well, maybe possible) but for sheer fun, excitement, intrigue, you couldn’t spend a better 50¢


Forever And A Death


… A Fortune in Stolen Gold …A Device That Will Kill Millions …And Just One Man Can Stop It!

This novel began life as a draft screenplay for a James Bond movie, but it was eventually rejected. Westlake went ahead and wrote it up anyway, but it wasn’t published until 2017, a decade after his death.

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Operation: Super Ms.


The superagent of the 70’s who makes Wonder Woman look like Nancy Drew.