No White Man Leaves Headhunter Village — Alive

Sportsman November 1964

Also, “Tex” Wells’ New Guinea Love Captive Ordeal, The Crazy Chase Of Bwana Tumbu, and “My God, The Sharks Got The Women!” 


I Lived With The Butcher Brides Of Shrunken Head Village

Sportsman November 1962

Cover reused from Frank Novak’s Jivaro Harem


I Escaped From The Head-Hungry Jivaros / I Hunted Heads

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Also featuring White Queen Who Ruled A Canibal Island (The Incredible Story That Shocked The World), I Went On India’s Forbidden Rhino Hunt, and City of Harems


I Fought The Blood Suckers of Ceylon

Male Vol. 5, No. 10 (October 1955). Cover Art by Mort Kuenstler thumbnail
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Male October 1955 thumbnail
Sportsman Magazine December 1961 thumbnail
Male Vol. 5, No. 10 (October 1955). Cover Art by Mort Kuenstler
Male October 1955
Sportsman Magazine December 1961

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