Open All Sea Cocks!

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Stag Magazine November 1959 thumbnail
Stag Magazine November 1959

Also, The Impossible Escape and Prophet Briggs And His Share The Wife Cult

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The Marooned Sailor and the Fighting Girls of Stalingrad

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Stag November 1960

Also featuring The Plot To Kill Nikita Khrushchev

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Pilot to Control Tower, I’m Hijacking My Own Plane

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Stag magazine December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, December 1973
Stag magazine December 1973


Contraband Blonde

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Stag magazine cover, April 1960
Stag, April 1960
Stag, April 1960 (2)

Mastermind Of A Smuggling Ring — Boss Of A Vice Barracks — Brutal — Passionate

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The Sailor Who Broke Out Of Camp Horror

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Stag May 1958 thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, April 1958
Stag May 1958

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Three Months With The Wild Mountain Girls Of Tibet

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Stag October 1960 thumbnail
Stag October 1960

Sgt. Gregory’s Escape from Red Chinese Captivity

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Is Your Wife Your Sexual Equal?

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Stag September 1954

All I’m saying is that my wife is used to wrestling with giant pythons…

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I Sailed Through Hell

Stag Issue #4 September 1950 thumbnail
Stag September 1950 thumbnail
Stag Issue #4 September 1950
Stag September 1950

Also featuring Sin Center, USA and Are You Sexually Inhibited?

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They Fed on Our Blood: Nightmare in a Lake of Lampreys

Stag Magazine January 1955 thumbnail
Stag January 1956 thumbnail
Stag Magazine January 1955
Stag January 1956

Also, My Six Years With The Amazon Women

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Stranded On The Island Of Women

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Stag May 1950

Second issue

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The Kid From Rattlesnake Bar

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Stag December 1957 thumbnail
Stag December 1957

Also featuring Capt. Hintze and his 2000 Dead Crewmen and Assignment: Get Her Out Of Harlot House

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The Hush-Hush Mission Of Lt. Clark

Stag November 1957

Also featuring My Adventures With The Golden Women Of Kon-Plong


My Life With New Guinea’s Amazon Women

Stag September 1957