Stag Annual 1968

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Stag Annual 1968
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A jam-packed special issue, featuring ‘Last Night With Laura, Hot Afternoon With Ellen‘, ‘Villa of Assassins: A U.S. Agent’s Hunt For A Terror Master‘, ‘“Killer” Medical Labs: Mistakes That Doom Thousands of Americans Every Year‘, ‘Sin on the Assembly Line: Wild Antics of Those “Coffee Break” Passion Dolls‘, ‘The 25 Worst Sex Hangups: Solved Honestly and Factually‘, “Howitzer Bandit” Who Blasted Open A Gold Fortress‘, and finally ‘Pussycat: Another episode in the adventures of the world’s most gorgeous agent

I actually really want to read this issue.

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The $1,000,000 Treasure Hunt


Stag Book Bonus illustration, c. 1963


“My Body Is For Hire” A Top Party Girl Tells Her Secrets

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One-Man Raid on Hitler’s Number One Bordello

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“Hitler’s No 1 Sex Castle”


Three Couple Affair

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I would really like to know what is happening in this picture.

“One was a nymphomaniac… one wanted to be loved for her body… one did her best “work” after hours. And each fit neatly into the fastest-paced diamonds-and-dollars heist on record.”

This painting illustrated the story “Three Couple Affair” in Stag magazine in May 1967. via

Kuwait: Richest, Wildest Kingdom on Earth


Every 468th man in this slaphappy, oil-soaked “Arabian Nights” Paradise in a millionaire plus — living high off the camel in air-conditioned, neon-lit palaces with a beauty pageant parade of wives and mistresses “imported” from around the world.

When is the last time you hear Kuwait described as “slaphappy”?

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Beach Girl For the Night / Laura’s Naked Surprise

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Elsa was married to Ernie, ans all she ever talked about was her former boy friend and how wonderful he was. Then, one August weekend, Ernie found a way to shut her up — my making another woman cry for joy…

This painting, for the October 1966 issue of Stag, was redrawn for the August 1971 True Action, rendered as a black and white illustration of a now-topless woman.

When the new young doctor came to Westfield, he carried a bagful of the latest medical tricks. But there weren’t enough for Laura Spencer, who needed “extra-special” attention…

The Raid

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General Mark Clark’s Manhunt for Europe’s G. I. Vice Lord

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Stag illustration, February 1962


I Was Shipwrecked On The World’s Strangest Nudist Island

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Also, My Bike, My Girl and To Hell With You! and Memoirs of a Nymphomaniac


Triple-Cross Mob

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20232124-Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

The Lure Was Money… But Pilot Tom Carew Had a Different Racket

I am trying to imagine the circumstances that would lead to a man and woman running nude from a small plane with suitcases full of cash, while being pursued by what may be the authorities. 

Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

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I Photographed Montreal’s Vice

Stag March 1954

When I think of Montreal, the first two things that come to mind are giant flying manta ray attacks, and prostitutes.


The Strangler Came Out Of The Sea

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Stag September 1955

Also, ‘House of Strange Women’