Strange Embrace

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Life On The Stage — And Death Behind The Scenes

They say the show must go on—but in the case of Broadway’s next sensation, A Touch of Squalor, someone’s out to make sure the show never opens. And when threats don’t do the trick, a straight razor to the throat just might.

It’s a case for the NYPD…but with a mysterious killer targeting his cast, producer Johnny Lane can’t just wait in the wings. There’s a Playbill full of suspects, giving Johnny the casting challenge of his career: who to put in the role of murderer, when the wrong call could bring down the curtain on his show—or his life!

Published as part of a “Double Novel” with another Lawrence Block story, 69 Barrow Street.

via Hard Case Crime Painting via Heritage Auctions

The Corpse Wore Pasties


Sometimes There’s No Difference Between The Naked And The Dead

WHO BUMPED OFF THE BUMP-AND-GRINDER? Usually, when you call a burlesque act a “show stopper,” you don’t mean it quite so literally. But this time, that’s just what happened: The show stopped dead, and so did the girl. And as I looked at her nearly naked and completely lifeless body and the bottle of poison in her hand with my fingerprints all over it, I thought to myself: Porkpie, you’re in for it this time…

via Hard Case Crime