The Love Trap (1963)

Beacon Books B673 - Hilary Hilton - The Love Trap

Suburbia had three sexes… male, female… and Susan
A daring novel of today’s young marrieds fighting a problem as old as Eve!

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The Party Game

Beacon B571F 1963 thumbnail
Beacon Books B571F 1963 thumbnail
Beacon B571F 1963
Beacon Books B571F 1963

Everyone Knew About Those Wild Suburban Parties, But This One Was The Wildest — Ever!
A beautiful woman… imprisoned by inhibition… turns to hypnosis for escape — and the game is on. This thrilling therapy becomes the sophisticated set’s most torrid parlor trick!

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The Development

Beacon Books B414F 1962

At split-level Sahara Springs every man cast covetous eyes upon his neighbor’s wife — Every women brazenly encouraged these advances
A biting novel which strips bare the flimsy facade of decency concealing the unbridled sensual desires of America’s sprawling Suburbs


Suburban Sin (1959)

Beacon B274 1959

Infidelity Was A Way of Life With The Split-Level Dwellers
A novel of women who traded husbands — of men who borrowed wives — of couples who embraced adultery with feverish delight.

This cover looks suspiciously similar to the cover of Change Partners. The 1963 edition is here


The Saturday Night Party (1963)

Beacon B582F 1963 thumbnail
50098332537-beacon-books-b582f-richard-e-geis-the-saturday-night-party thumbnail
Beacon B582F 1963

The revealing story of those cozy suburban developments and the planned promiscuity among their bored, hard-drinking, hot-handed young couples.
To the fast “Garden Apartment” crowd, making love to someone else’s mate was as casual as taking a drink.

The 1972 edition is here

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Summer Swap

Beacon B579F 1963

When they agreed to change partners for the summer, they didn’t know the erotic forces they were unleashing!
A Blistering Novel Of Domestic Dilemma In The Rich Commuter Country


Sex Pit


Swank Society Suburb was what they called it. But actually it was a shameless — Sex Pit — where cheating husbands were out-done by their promiscuous wives!

Cover reused from Love Now, Pay Later


Suburban Affair

Bedside Books BTB 961 - Suburban Affair (1960)

A suspicious gossip, a love-starved wife and a lust-crazed artist all add up to a passionate story of infidelity and adultery!

I am willing to bet this this Rudy Nappi cover was swiped from an earlier publication of a different book, but I can’t find it.


The Unfaithful

Beacon Books B811X, 1965 thumbnail
Beacon B811X - 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Books B811X, 1965
Beacon B811X - 1965

When the research laboratory moved to the suburbs, it brought glamorous jobs and sexual freedom to the commuters’ bored wives…
The Long Awaited Novel That Tells Frankly Of The Various Causes Of Adultery!

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The Bored Young Wives

32614527262-Jason Morgan - The Bored Young Wives Beacon Books B734X, 1964

What happens in suburbia when a group of local males band together to keep bored young wives entertained?

The bottom girl is stolen from Lingerie Ltd., the middle girl is from Weekend Arrangements, and the top girl is from Discontented Wives.


Discontented Wives

33171179-6252065140_145422ba1e_o[1] thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B875X 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Books B440F 1961 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B875X 1965
Beacon Books B440F 1961

Select Private Club — Or Suburban Sex Spot?

Rath Moore arranged things for husbands coming to the club for thrills. But it was also his business to take car of their discontented wives…

From the back:

Whose Wife Have I…?
Women betraying their husbands… kids black-mailing their elders… men in pursuit of illicit pleasures—such was the nightly pattern of suburban Palm Heights! By day its people hid in sedate homes or chaste city offices. By night they lost themselves in such exclusive places as the Heights Club….
…The club was supposed to be a select after-dark spot— but actually was a haven for the wife-swapping crowd. Rath Moore, whose job it was to keep everybody happy, took his responsibility seriously— especially when it came to discontented wives. So he found himself involved with lovely, lonely suburbanites out for thrills.
Flame-haired Patty Davis, for instance, who used Rath as a stand-in husband rather than waste her voluptuous charms. Susan Hunnicut, who craved more than kicks from Rath. And the rest of them, like June… who asked for abuse.


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Weekend Arrangements

Beacon B518F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Signal B518F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B518F, 1962
Beacon Signal B518F 1962

In Suburbia They Climb The Social Ladder — Bedroom By Bedroom…
Every Saturday the couples changed partners… at bridge… and at love!
A Shocking Revelation Of The Ultra-Modern Approch To Marriage And Morals!

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The Sex Kitten And The Scientist

BEACON B690X 1963

She knew the fastest way to get ahead in suburban society
Rita was welcome in every boardroom and bedroom of the home office