Never Cheat Alone

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1960 Beacon B328
Beacon B338, 1960

When Husbands Stay Late In The City, What Do Their Wives Do?

A Bitter Novel Of Extra-Marital Overtime By Suburban Wives

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Substitute Sinners


To Shake Suburban Boredom, They Sought — Substitute Sinners


The Country Club Set

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Beacon Books B560F, 1962

When Married Life Started To Bore Her — Virginia Turned To A Teenager For New Kicks

Taken From Today’s Headlines… A Novel That Rips The Veil From The High-Living Suburban Set — And Its Pampered Women!


Suburbia After Dark


Restless women who make themselves more available than younger girls — to any boy with nerve!


Sexurbia County (1964)

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Beacon Books B737X 1960

Suburbia, U.S.A. — where during the day wives play — and during the night husbands seek other delight!

What really happens in the swank, ultra-fashionable suburbs of a big city? The answers in this bold, slashing novel will shock — and fascinate — and outrage you!

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The Wife Traders (1959)


Sex in the suburbs was a community affair… until swapping mates becomes a matter of love — or death!

Not the same as this book of the same title.


Helena’s House (1960)


A Novel That Gives You A Keyhole View Into “America’s Upper Class Bedroom” — The Party Mad, Alcoholic Suburbs — Where The Only Thing Cheep Is Love…!

The Shocking Chronicle Of A Wild Weekend In Suburbia

This entire book can be downloaded here


Private Chauffeur

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Intimate #15

“What did he have that every woman wanted?”

A car, apparently.

“A restless suburban wife — her thirsting teen-age daughter — her husband’s voluptuous mistress… All three were at the tender mercy of the handsome man-servant!”


The Discontented


Left alone day after day by success-minded husbands, they were forced to seek out new sources of excitement.


The Sex Cure


For The Rich, Beautiful Women Of The Suburban Fast Set, Young Dr. Justin Riley Had A Favorite Prescription

Rips The Mask From Doctors Who Mix Women And Medicine

From the back cover:

You Will Be Shocked. You May Be Angry. But You’ll Hang On Every Word Of This Startling, Fast Paced Story Of A Doctor Who Violates His Oath As Casually As He Violates A Woman.

“If you’ll just open the front of your dress,” Dr. Riley said coolly. Socialite Misty Powers smiled and began to take things off, everything. Her husband was away and it seemed a good time for one of Dr. Riley’s “special treatments.”

In The Sex Cure you’ll meet suave, young Dr. Justin Riley who’s ready to take sex wherever he can find it. And he’s able to find it almost everywhere in rich, fashionable suburbia. Many a pretty patient learns that Justin has some unusual and shocking remedies in his medical bag of tricks. Even a young nurse in Justin’s office finds herself on the examining couch, and she doesn’t have as much as a headache.

Then a beautiful, innocent young girl enters Dr. Riley’s life. That she is innocent does not stop Dr. Riley; it only whets his insatiable appetite. Cynically, ruthlessly, he leads her down into the depths of shame. Then the incident occurred which brought the walls and roof down on the man who thought he was outside the laws of both his profession and decency.

This entire book can be downloaded here


Suburbia: Jungle of Sex

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To Candy Williams Life In The Country Meant Money — Liquor — And Lust…

What is a wife to do when her husband boasts of seducing her friend… and she suspects her teen-age son of following in his father’s bedroom slippers!

From the back:

Love? Honor? And BREAK EVERY VOW?
Can a modern family stand the pressures—an freedoms—of life in the suburbs where illicit relations are becoming the pattern of the day, and night? Worse, what if teenagers out-strip their parents in sin?
After her husband boasted of seducing her best friend, beautiful Candy Williams was faced by a question increasingly common in suburbia: What happened next, to her home… to her son?
And when her husband skipped town she had another big question: How should she treat Ellen Crowley’ who had a strange desire for her?
A third question really staggered her: Was her teenage son having an affair with a young married neighbor?
Sometimes there is no waiting for answers, not when your home is on fire from basement to bedroom!
A probing story of degenerating moral values that carry “togetherness” too far


Bachelor In Suburbia

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Beacon B547F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962
Beacon B547F 1962

What This Man Knew About The Amorous Ways of Suburban Women Would Fill A Book…

Such as, for instance, this book!

Here Is Wealthy Suburbia Stripped Raw As The Tangled Game of Mixing Mates Rockets To New Heights!

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Love in Suburbia


They spiced their lives with other men’s wives

Such poetry!