King Of The Bowery Brawlers

Man's Illustrated Magazine February 1959

The Lusty Saga Of Monk Eastman

Also, The Pill That May Prevent Pregnancy, My Life As A Love-Slave Of The Amazons, Lowdown on the Girls Of Greenwich Village, and Sailor Holmes’ Formosan Female Paradise


Amazing Saga Of Bully Hayes, Girl-For-Sale King Of The Pacific

Adventures for Men April 1959

Also featuring A Juvenile Delinquent’s Rampage: The Savage Life Of Binnie Welch, Unsung Battles Of The Meatball Brigade, and finally Counter-Spy John Pollack’s ‘Impossible Mission’ “Go To A Bordello In Panama City…”


The Lady Lived With Poison

Man's Best Magazine 1963

Also, Sex: The Key To Your Health, Quack “Doctors” Can Put You In Your Grave, You Can’t Hide From Death, and Prostitution In The Kremlin


Mademoiselle Jardine And America’s 17 Decoyed Airmen

For Men Only March 1960

She Was The Bait In A Mountain Hideout

Also, Escaping Legionnaire From Penal Fort No-Return


I Battled Killer Sharks For 22 Hours Of Terror

Valor No.1 June 1957

Also featuring French Strippers In New Tease-Quiz!, Baseball’s Dilemma, Is Your Sex Life Legal? and Hitler — Mistress Killer!

Anyone recognize that signature?


White Head Hunter Of The South Pacific

Rugged Men May 1958

A rare three-Holland cover


I Led The Harlot Legion Of Algiers

Men Today September 1962

Also featuring Truck Drivers Are My Meat, Booze And Babes: Twin Teen Terrors, How To Overcome Sex Inferiority, 1,000 Naked Beauties For The Devil’s Plague, The Golden Madame Who Made Torture Big Business, and finally Trapped In A Volcano Of Lust 


Sex Vacation Clubs You Can Join

Man's Action Magazine December 1969

Also, Lusty Lolitas Of Bikini Beach and Stop Those Tropical Cruise Rape Orgies


Shoot On Sight!

Battle Cry March 1959 thumbnail
38679680-battlecry006 thumbnail
Battle Cry March 1959

The dramatic story of a Yank who spent ten months in the Dutch Underground

An unusually believable-sounding cover story for this type of magazine. Unlike, say, U-Boats Stocked With Women, Instead Of Torpedoes: the incredible story of the Sex-Subs, Germany’s deadliest anti-aircraft weapon!

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Fremont: Trail Blazer Of The American Frontier

Real Men January 1959 cover thumbnail
Real Men January 1959 thumbnail
Real Men January 1959 cover
Real Men January 1959