I Escaped From East Berlin

Man's Adventure Magazine 1964 December

Also featuring I Make Sex Movies, You Can Be Set Up For Blackmail!, and She Loved A Rotting Corpse


Nudism: Invitation To Vice

Men In Conflict Magazine December 1961

Also featuring Snakes On Her Body, My Wife Was For Sale!, and The Dead Are Always Beautiful


Burt Kieffer and His German Jungle Bride

Man to Man Magazine April 1962

Also, I Acted In A “Nudie”, and Do “Sex Stimulants” Work?


Lack Of Self-Control Is Making You Impotent

Men Today Magazine April 1962

I would have titled this post Soft Bodies For Hitler’s Torture Master, but somehow this is the third cover to feature that story!


Those Commie-Killing Joy-Girls Of The Bay Of Pigs

Man's Daring Magazine September 1963


Love-Starved Women Sailors Of The South Pacific

Man's Action Magazine January 1970

Cover swiped from Man’s Daring, January 1962


Special Features For Red-Blooded Men

Exotic Magazine No.2 1958

The second of only 6 issues


A Kiss Of Flame For France’s Lovely Daughters Of Freedom

Men Today Magazine June 1964


Trapped With A Lion That Wouldn’t Die

True Men Magazine June 1960


Vice Girls On The Spot

Men In Conflict Magazine August 1961

I think all three men on this cover are Steve Holland. The first issue, it also features Free Sex For Every Man, They Watched Us Die!, and Blood On The Canvas


Breakout From The Nazi Bitch Camp 1034

True Men Magazine October 1959