The 300 Nude Slaves Of Shiek “X”

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I Found The Mummies of Peru


Also featuring Paris: Still The Most, They’re After Your Blood! Crimes Of Our Knife-Happy Medicos!, and I Faced A Million Tons of Hell… Hard Bullets and Soft Flesh


They Offer Themselves To Pain

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Man's Adventure Magazine July 1961

Only through a ceremony of torture can the find a lifetime of health

Also featuring The Racket In Big Bosoms and The Sex Trap That Can Wreck Your Life

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Find Out Where You Can Get A Harem


The best place: Nazi-occupied ancient Egypt, obviously.

Also featuring Showgirls Who Double In Vice, The House Of Naked Spies, They Forced Me To Become A Cannibal, and Two Women To Every Man: A New Approach To Sex. Cover reused from Man’s Adventure


Depraved Nude Girl Duelists


Also featuring Is Your Job Ruining Your Love Life?, My Nightmare Orgy With Russia’s Beat Set, and Nympho Queen Of The Faceless Men


Blood For The Love Slaves

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All Man January 1965

This painting was used on at least 3 different magazines, featuring such riveting stories as; Exposing: How The Mobs Turn Strippers Into Vice Girls!, The Emerald Treasure Of The Andes: A fortune for the man strong enough to take it, Sex Dolls Who Pay Their Men, The Epic Of The USS Tang, Swapping Today Is Everybody’s Game, More Gold Than I Could Carry… $26,000,000 Treasure Of The Double-Crossing Blonde, The Plot To Blow Up The “Prostitute Express”, Sex For Sale: By The Day! The Week! or The Month!, Sam Bass — The Most Inefficient Outlaw In The WIld, Wild West, Wife-Swapping — A Reporter’s Eyewitness Report!, 14 Easy Ways Your “Best Friend” Can Cheat You At Gambling!, Sex Thoughts Of Women: How You Can Read Them!, One Hour To Stop The Nazi Rape Of St. Romaine!, and last but in no way least Trapped On An Island With 40 Nympho Brides!


Girls Behind Prison Bars

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Adventure, December 1960

Also, I Rode With the Arab Raiders, The Street of Man-Hungry Girls and King of the Hunted