The Berlin Bordello Where Hitler’s Gestapo Boys Got Their Special Kicks!


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Shark Bait In Bikinis

Man's Daring August 1964

Also featuring Bloody Betrayal of Castro’s Girl Bankers, Sadistic Orgy In The Long Box, and Office Girls Who Moonlight in Sex


Treasure Hunt For A Lost Fortune In Nazi Gold

MANS ADVENTURE March 1966 7-6

Also featuring Wife-Swapping Is Fun!, Two Weeks In Sex Camp!, and The Strippers Who Tricked The East German Reds!

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1,000,000 Nymphos: The Facts About Sex-Mad Women

MANS ADVENTURE June 1964 5-8

Also featuring Why Couples Turn To Wife Swapping, How To Make The Dice Work For You, and It Takes More Than Guts To Survive In The Open Water: Death Below The Sea

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A Corpse Can Save Your Life

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All Man August 1964 thumbnail
ALL MAN August 1964 5-4 thumbnail
All Man August 1964
ALL MAN August 1964 5-4

Also, I Spy On Sex!, A Grizzly Means Death, and They Call It Rape

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King Of The Communist Killers

MANS ADVENTURE November 1965

From His Headquarters In East Germany, He Directs An Army Of Hired Thugs…

Also featuring Why Women Turn To Sex!, Lust For The Goddess Of Gold, House Of The Dead, and My Wife Sells Vice!

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Vidkun Quisling: He Even Failed At Treason

All Man April 1965

Also featuring Where You Can Take A Vacation With Sex, Free Love vs Organized Vice, and We’re Glad We Tried Wife Swapping


I Fought My Way Into The Mountain Of Torture

Battle Cry June 1964

Also featuring I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, High School Sex Clubs — The Scandal of America, and Nude Love Dolls Of Nympho Ranch


I Suffered The Electric Snake Torture

Man to Man Magazine July 1964 thumbnail
Man To Man July 1964 thumbnail
Man to Man Magazine July 1964
Man To Man July 1964

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The Devil Who Stalked White Women

Man To Man Magazine May 1962 thumbnail
Man To Man May 1962 thumbnail
Man To Man Magazine May 1962
Man To Man May 1962

Also featuring The Iron Maidens — How violence and sex defiled one woman’s prison, Living Tortue Of The Safari Ants, and Phony Photographers And The Law

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The 300 Nude Slaves Of Shiek “X”

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Man's Daring Magazine November 1961 thumbnail
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Man's Daring Magazine November 1961

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The Nymphos Who Walk The Streets

All Man Magazine September 1961 thumbnail
All Man September 1961 thumbnail
AllMan-Sep61 thumbnail
All Man Magazine September 1961
All Man September 1961

Also, The Sex Queens Of High Society, How To Win At Crap, and I Heard My Woman Screaming

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They Offer Themselves To Pain

Man's Adventure Magazine July 1961 thumbnail
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Man's Adventure Magazine July 1961

Only through a ceremony of torture can the find a lifetime of health

Also featuring The Racket In Big Bosoms and The Sex Trap That Can Wreck Your Life

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