The Telltale Tart


She would have been a shapely skeleton in any man’s closet…


All Women’s Flesh

Berkley G-93 (1957).  Uncredited Cover Art thumbnail
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Berkley G-93 (1957).  Uncredited Cover Art

… is soft? Smells like lilacs? Is delicious with fava beans and a nice chianti? Where are you going with this title?!

From the back:

The Burning Flesh of Many Women
When Alain Le Ray’s wife ran off with his best friend, he tried to make a new life for himself in the arms of other women:
COLETTE—the tall and full bodied girl who lived across the hall. She gave herself to Alain the very first night ..
KAT—the sleek and athletic young actress. Although a Lesbian at heart, she didn’t mind sharing Alain with her voluptuous maid, MINA—as long as the three of them could be together .. .
MONIQUE—the ravishingly beautiful blonde who learned the facts of love in Alain’s arms . . .
ALL WOMEN’S FLESH is a penetrating novel of love and desire in today’s Paris.

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Velvet Seduction

Brandon House #965 thumbnail
Brandon House #965 Back thumbnail
Brandon House #965
Brandon House #965 Back

The bold and shocking exposé of a French boarding school for young girls, where the curriculum offered private lessons in sex, seduction, and bizarre discipline.

Of course, I am sure this exposé was thoroughly researched.


Hot As Fire, Cold As Ice


“Men couldn’t keep their hands off Nona. It was a sweet way to die.”


Motor Boating


I really don’t know what to make of this. Is he more awesome than Chuck Norris because he is kissing a mermaid while riding a speeding motor boat up a giant wave? Or is he just an idiot being lured to his watery doom by a aquatic temptress?

Sin Date With A Sleep-Over Nurse

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Male April 1967

“My goodness, Mr. Taylor,” Maureen murmured. “Haven’t you ever seen a nurse out of uniform before?”

Young, lush, golden-haired, she was the live-in nurse who tended Frank Taylor’s bedridden wife—and to Taylor himself, a tantalizing, just-out-of-reach goad to bottled-up passions. Then came the night he realized that the perfect female body beneath the starched white uniform was tormented by needs as fevered as his own, triggering his first step toward the limits of forbidden desire…

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Edit: Added the cover for this issue, which includes a different painting of this scene by Mort Kunstler, rather than Gil Cohen who did the interior illustration. via via

Hotel Room


“She Know Only One Way To Hold Her Lover”

and judging by the look on that guy’s face, it is a very good hold.


Make Me An Offer (Original Title: The Gilded Hearse)


I have to say, I find her offer compelling.

The Gilded Hearse can be seen here and here.


The Big Wheel

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Behind-the-scenes on a weekly news-magazine… the loves, the hates, the drive for money and power.

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Affair in Capri (Original Title: The Capri Letters)


A novel dealing with the conflict between puritan morals and pagan sensuality.


Forbid Me Not (Original Title: A Far Place) (1958)


Frenzy and Crisis in the Heart of the Aftrican Night