Crushed By Eight Giant Arms Of Hell

True Men April 1959

Also featuring Rugged Working Men Make Inadequate Lovers


Trapped By An Octopus

PERIL #1 -OCT 1956

Also, Teach Your Wife To Fight Dirty, Sex Slaves For Sale, and Killers In The Brush


Monsters That Once Were Men

Super-Science Fiction, August 1959

Also, The Horror in the Attic and Planet of the Angry Giants. This entire issue can be downloaded here



Weird Tales - March 1923 First Issue

The first issue of the longest-running and most influential of all pulp horror titles. This is a “first state” copy, identified by the orange border around “Ooze,” the man’s orange shirt, and the woman’s black bow (the colors are different on the rarer “second state” printing).


Snake Goddess

Strange Stories August 1939 thumbnail
31852434-6078029233_06d2a8c8ed_o[1] thumbnail
Strange Stories August 1939

I am not sure what it says about this website that I have tags for Heads, Skull, Tentacles, and At Sea, but I sure needed them all for this cover. But oddly, not the Snake tag.

Also includes The Citadel Of Darkness

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Trapped In The Depths

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WS1930-06p006 thumbnail
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WS1930-06p038 thumbnail
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WS1930-06p058 thumbnail
WS1930-06p066 thumbnail

This was the first issue of Wonder Stories, after Air Wonder Stories and Science Wonder Stories merged, and the entire issue can be downloaded here


The Merciless Mermaids

40868894-Merciless1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #LB-1159 1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #LB-1159 1966

Agent 0008 Dives Into The Voluptuous Peril Of… The Merciless Mermaids

 From the back:

A mad medical genius had declared war to the death with the Navy … and he was ready to unleash his diabolical Merciless Mermaids for control of the oceans. He already had mastered the monsters of the deep — SUPER SQUIDS — and only 0008 stood in his way…

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