Girls For The Spider-Men

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Terror Tales September-October 1938

Also includes The Things That Darkness Spawned

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My Sweetheart Of Death

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Also includes The Moon Drips Blood

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Pray That She Stays With The Dead!

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Terror Tales, February 1940
Terror Tales_40-02_004-005
Terror Tales_40-02_030-031
Terror Tales_40-02_044_
Terror Tales_40-02_056-057
Terror Tales_40-02_072_
Terror Tales_40-02_081_
Terror Tales_40-02_086-087

Also featuring Murder on IceGirls Who Lust for Death, Their Flesh Is Soft and TenderThe Dictator and the ZombieI Am the Madman!Monsters of Monarchy: Tsar Ivan, “The Terrible”, and Brides for the Frankensteins

This entire issue can be downloaded here